How about a read-along for Kazuo Ishiguro?


I found it so exciting when Kazuo Ishiguro was determined the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature this week! So many recipients of previous awards the last few years (Man Booker, I’m looking at you) have not only been surprising to me, they have been utterly disappointing.

But, this is a new day! And we have so many works of Ishiguro’s to choose from. The Unconsoled is my favorite, but it is long, and therefore perhaps not the book for this busy autumn season. I suggest:

Never Let Me Go


A Pale View of Hills


Remains of the Day

Would any of you like to read one of these with me? (None of the three are more than 280 pages.) We could take our time, casually reading and discussing through what remains of October. Let me know what you think, for I would rather read with you than alone.



Update: It seems that some of us will read two: A Pale View of Hills and Remains of the Day. I think we should take October to read which we like, some even prefer Never Let Me Go, and at the end of the month I will host a round up. At that point, I will pose a few questions for us to discuss and post any links to your reviews.

35 thoughts on “How about a read-along for Kazuo Ishiguro?

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t see your read along if The Buried Giant earlier! I just read it a few months ago, but haven’t read the ones pictured above. If you have a chance for A Pale View of Hills, Stu and I were throwing that idea around on Facebook. But I can see the Giant will keep you busy!

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  2. I would love to join you, but alas I can not seem to find a copy of any of his books – they will all take weeks to arrive. I’m happy that you are excited he won. I must admit that I was disappointed Murakami didn’t win – my fingers were crossed for him, but it seems that he is just not meant for a Nobel. Oh well.

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  3. I confess I’ve never read this author and would be interested in participating in a read-along. Given a choice I would opt for The Remains of the Day” but I’ll go with whatever the group chooses. Cheers!

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    • I am thrilled you are interested in joining in, Michael! From discussions on Facebook, it seems that A Pale View of Hills will be the one we read. But, I would read Remains of the Day with you, too, if you like.


  4. I’ve been meaning to read Never Let Me Go for ages and seeing that he won the Nobel this year I thought the timing was finally right 🙂 I could read The Remains of the Day as well, but sadly I don’t own a copy of A Pale View of Hills, so I can’t join in this one.

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  5. I have both A Pale View of Hills and Remains of the Day, so it seems I’ll be joining in this read-along too! I read A Pale View of Hills about 8 years ago, but I’m really quite tempted to reread it at this point in time. Let’s see which one calls out to me in the next few days. Looking forward to reading together!


  6. Bellezza, I have not yet read any novels by Kazuo Ishiguro! I might join in as well. Like Akylina, I’m (currently) most interested in reading Never Let Me Go.


  7. Oh, M, I would have loved to read The Unconsoled with you, I am dying for a readalong but unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any time for reading… every two or three years some stupid education minister wants to change something to revolutionize the whole system, and of course, it goes without saying, the decisions are more and more stupid… so I am in the middle of being forced to change course books and other crazy school related stuff…. No time for reading, but maybe that will happen during the winter holidays. Still, you know how I wished Murakami had won 🙂

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    • You know that I know the complexities of education these days! My heart is with you as you plow through the required bureaucracy, which is often the same here although we live in two different countries. There will be time when you can read as you wish again. xo


  8. I have just been savouring the Nocturnes and a couple of months ago I finally got to Remains of the Day, which had been on my list for a while. Seems perfect timing for A Pale View of the Hills if I can get hold of it. Only thing is I’ve never done a readalong before! May I ask how they work?

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    • So glad to have you join in! Read alongs can carry on in so many ways; some bloggers have specific chapters for specific weeks, along with discussion questions. But these books are so short, that I think the best way to proceed is to just read the book(s) as you can, then at the end of the month I’ll post some thoughts (and links to reviews anyone put up). We can share ideas and perceptions then. Does that sound okay?


  9. I was so excited to see him win. I absolutely love The Remains of the Day and The Unconsoled. I will try to read one of his books this month but can’t make any promises. Have fun whichever book you end up reading and looking forward to your questions!

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  11. I just picked up The Unconsoled. I’ve read Never Let Me Go and The Remains of the Day. I haven’t started my book yet. I have to finish King’s new one first.


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