Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read in 2017

1. Seicho Matsumoto: This Japanese writer is well known for his crime novels which also depict Japanese society.

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2. George MacDonald: A man who deeply influenced C. S. Lewis, I had not read any of his short stories before classes led by Dr. Rolland Hein at Wheaton College last winter.

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3. Amos Oz: When I read his book nominated for the Man Booker International Prize, I knew I was reading someone special.

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4. Mathias Enard: Fellow bloggers who love translated literature have long pointed out the merit of Mathias Enard. I first heard of him with his book Zone, but came to love his book nominated for the Man Booker International Prize this spring.

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5. Roy Jacobsen: He wrote one of my favorite books of the year, so evocative of Norway, but also a beautiful novel of family.

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6. Ismail Kadare: Our book club read Chronicles in Stone which was a fabulous novel about Albania, winning the Man Booker International Prize in 2005. The Traitor’s Niche was nominated for the Man Booker International Prize in 2017.

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7. Kanae Minato: This author was brought to my attention from the Japanese Literature Challenge 11, and I devoured both of her fascinating, and disturbing, books.

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8. Mike MacCormack: This Irish writer penned my favorite book of 2017.

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9. Sebastian Barry: From him came my second favorite novel of 2017.

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10. George Saunders: He wrote the novel which won the Man Booker Prize for 2017.

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