Richard’s Literature of Doom; a spark of hope for my dying interest


Behold the left corner of one of my shelves of Russian literature. It carries on, of course, into my shelves, nook and kindle. I have a deep and abiding affection for those Russians.

So Richard’s announcement of the Argentinian Literature of Doom, also including French and Russian authors, appeals to me intensely. It is just what I need after finishing what I consider to be the three best of the Man Booker list and dragging myself through the final remaining titles. More on that later.

For this particular event, the participants are asked to read one fiction and one nonfiction work of an Argentinian, French or Russian author. I believe there is something to do with being “allowed” to watch a film in those categories, as well. Richard will link up every month to those reviews.

As for me, I will finish the reread of Anna Karenina I began before the Man Booker long list was revealed. And surely I could fit in Volume 1 of The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn, something I’ve long been meaning to read.


I may even have something Argentinian in the wings.