Coloring Animal Mandalas: 30 Hypnotically-Beautiful, Mystical Wildlife Designs


“From the Sanskrit word for “circle,” mandalas have been used for meditation and healing for thousands of years.

Coloring Animal Mandalas adds the beauty of the animal kingdom – including butterflies, tigers, swans, snakes, peacocks, seahorses, and even unicorns – into these intricate designs for page after page of coloring book bliss.


As as you transform the detailed shapes in this book into stunning works of art, you’ll find yourself relaxing, focused, reaching a higher state of mindfulness, and…


simply enjoying yourself.”


Maybe you’re  a person like myself, who has never quite outgrown the joy of a new box of colored pencils or a new coloring book to go with them. My mother used to buy me beautiful coloring books from The Little Traveler in Geneva, IL, when I was a little girl. The designs were intricate, which I have always enjoyed, and receiving this book of mandalas from Ulysses Press was such a joyful reminder of those childhood days.

I find coloring the designs to be a very calming experience, a slowing down of my busy life which is much needed in an evening when I am too tired to read. I hope you will find pleasure from this book, too.


wendy-piersall (1)

Illustrator Wendy Peirsall is a lifelong artist who has been drawing mandala coloring pages since 2009. She lives with her husband and three children in Woodstock, Illinois. Find a time-lapsed video of her coloring the elephant mandala above here.