My January Reading Plans: Part 3


Every year I vow to reread the Bible. It is a book which never grows old, but is new every morning, and with each time through I understand something a little more. Or, I see something a little differently.

I thought I would read the Chronological Bible this year, wherein the sequence is arranged not as one would find in the order of the Bible, but in the order of the events as they happened. There is a reading plan here, should you wish to see it, or better yet, follow along.

I have chosen to read it in my King James translation, because the writing alone is beautiful beyond measure.


But, the other thing I’m doing is writing down one verse from the day’s reading which seems to especially stand out in my heart. At the end of the year, I will have 365 verses to read in one continuous text, verses which highlight the year as well as His word as it spoke to me.

For me, this is the most important reading I will do in all of 2015.