BBC National Short Story Award


How I would have loved to attend the ceremony for the BBC National Short Story Award. When I received the invitation earlier in September, my husband and I contemplated buying tickets from Chicago to London. We weighed the cost and effort against our jobs, but sadly, there was no way I could leave a school year just begun.

However, I watched eagerly from the sidelines, and am delighted to show you the collection of short stories which made the 2014 shortlist, published by Comma Press:
BBC Short Story anthology

The five stories included in the 2014 National Short Story Award short list are:

Find it at Waterstones and Comma Press. Or, you can listen to five of the top UK actors, including Carey Mulligan, read them (for the next fifteen days) on the BBC website here.


Coming soon: a review of each short story included in the collection.  For more information about the award follow @Booktrust and #BBCNSSA on Twitter.