Princess Di and This July

Who gets a cold in July? It’s ridiculous! I’ve suffered a cold from Martin Luther King, Jr. Day until Easter, but I never thought I’d be down and out for the Fourth as well. What I’m calling a ‘cold’ might as well be termed mono for the lethargy I feel.


However, it’s giving me a lot of time to read. I’m completely absorbed in The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown. Did I tell you I went to her wedding? Well, not actually in person. But, all of my friends and I dressed up in our fancy dresses and jewels that July 29th in 1981, and sat before the BBC as if we were really in St. Paul’s Cathedral. I’m only six months older than Diana was, and her life has enthralled me.

Tina Brown’s book is better than any biography I’ve read on Diana because it gives the background in intimate detail of every event you saw and every photograph you remember viewing. She writes in a wonderfully piercing way, which borders on the sarcastic, and cuts right to the core of what went on behind the public’s purview.

In September, Charles and Diana were spotted for the first time on an official engagement at the annual Braemar Gathering and Highland Games, a relief to Diana, because even watching the whirling sporrans of Highland Dancing and Tossing the Caber was better than mooching around Craigowan waiting for Charles to return with a dead fish. When the national anthem struck up, the Prince whispered to her, “They’re playing our song.” Diana started to giggle, causing the Prince to forget the discipline of a lifetime and silently crack up, too. It could have been a delightful moment of new marital complicity, but the filthy look the Queen sent across froze them both.” p. 213

It’s great to get an inside picture of a woman I’ve both admired and pitied. It’s good to know that even a princess gets colds, feels ill, or fails to meet both external and internal expectations. Just like other women her age.