November is Margaret Atwood Reading Month

I most emphatically do not like anything Margaret Atwood has written from The Handmaid's Tale on. Oryx and Crake and subsequent books have become far too sci-fi for my taste, with a strong flavor of feminism and futuristic doom to boot. But. Surfacing, The Cat's Eye, and The Robber Bride are among three of my favorite books ever. (Particularly The Robber Bride which… Continue reading November is Margaret Atwood Reading Month

Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing, Reading for Virago Week

To me, nobody writes of the pain that can be found in childhood like Margaret Atwood. Just as I felt when I read her novel Cat's Eye, I find myself seared by the words I'm reading in Surfacing. I'm only halfway through this novel, but I have to post these thoughts now.At first I ran away, but after that my mother said I… Continue reading Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing, Reading for Virago Week