Little, Big (Book 3: Old Law Farm)

...they were led down concave weed-spined lanes in an endless land, down the twists and turns of a long, long story, a boundless and-then, toward a place something like the place Sophie at Edgewood contemplated in the dark-etched trump called the Banquet: a long table clothed in just-folded linen, it's claw feet absurd in the… Continue reading Little, Big (Book 3: Old Law Farm)

Little, Big (Book 2: Brother North-Wind’s Secret)

I have grown so fond of these characters, felt such an affinity for Daily Alice and Smoky and Sophie, that I was a little shocked to read that Smoky had been unfaithful with Sophie. "Only three and a half times," to be sure, but still he was unfaithful with his wife's sister. I guess I… Continue reading Little, Big (Book 2: Brother North-Wind’s Secret)