Reading The Bible as Literature Event

Roofbeam Reader began this event in January, an idea to read through the Bible in 2018. He developed a plan, to follow as arduously or loosely as one chooses, and he has faithfully posted his progress on his blog and Instagram (using the tag #2018BibleRBR).

I, too, have been reading through the Bible as I try to do every year. Many years I have gone all the way to the end, others I’ve gotten lost before the finish line. But, I am so encouraged by my reading this year that I am ahead of schedule. I have read from Genesis through Deuteronomy, and just last night I began Joshua.

I think that a small part of this is because I bought a compact Bible on sale this Christmas for $9.00 (now it is 11.00) and it has given me “permission” to write all over it. I do not feel concerned about ruining a gorgeous leatherbound Bible with real gilt edging, several of which I have in my collection.

Also, because of it’s slim size, I am not holding a massive tome that is difficult to manage. I can easily read several chapters in bed before I go to sleep, which is what I do every night.

But, this is not an ad for a bookstore or a personal praise report on my own reading. This is to say that if you have never read the Bible before, or if you’ve read it only rarely, you would be surprised how it is new every morning. Somehow, the Word falls fresh and seems to hit exactly where it is most needed.

Finally, here is a picture of some passages I underlined just last night:

Four times we are told to “be strong and courageous.” Four times in one chapter. And that is excellent advice which I find myself needing on a daily basis.