I have never known a day when I could not read.

I have never known a time that I didn’t seek a book for enjoyment, for comfort, for meaning.

I am a retired teacher, a wife and a mother. I am a Christian who loves the Lord and believes in Him; I am a stranger in this land. But for the purpose of this blog I am ultimately a lover of books, and I share that love with you here.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. My satirical novel, Something Is Rotten In Fettig, will be published by Anaphora Literary Press early next year.
    I am interested in knowing how to submit the book to you for possible review.
    Please advise at your earliest convenience.


  2. Do you ever review books in the form of narrative poems? Cat Lady is the story of Old Maria, the most mysterious of the gattare (cat ladies) in Rome. Although she seems to be an eccentric who thinks she can talk to stray cats (she can) there is far more to Maria than meets they eye. Please let me know if this sounds right for you and if so, would you prefer paperback or e book format, thanks!


  3. Lovely ‘About’! 🙂 And, ‘Charlotte’s Web’ is one of my most favourite books. If I had a superpower, I would read that book to every child on this planet. 🙂


  4. I represent an Australian author whose novel, The Love Knot, will be self-published in mid-March 2016. What is the procedure for submitting a novel for review? Thank you.


  5. Hi Bellezza, I’m looking for people who might be willing to do a guest post on my blog where they talk about literature from a particular country – the feature is called The View from Here and is meant to be a way of expanding people’s reading horizons. So far i’ve had people write about their home country – but since you are running the Japan lit project I wonder if you’d be interested in talking about why you are such a fan of Japanese literature and who you recommend reading.
    How it works is that I send you some questions and you write as much/as little as you want. You can see previous examples https://bookertalk.com/world-literature/the-view-from-here/

    If interested could you drop me a note at heenandavies at yahoo dot co dot uk

    Hoping you feel able to say yes!



    • Karen, I emailed you about being thrilled to participate in this project, but haven’t heard back yet. Perhaps it has been lost in cyberspace, but please know I would love to write a guest post for your blog about Japanese Literature, such as I understand it.


  6. I LOVE this new look! STOP!!!! Don’t change a thing! I digress, I’m not one to accept change very easily, you may not be either. Do what you will, I’ll still read with anticipation.


    • Your comment makes me smile. I have tried this template before, many times, because I adore the simplicity and minimalism. However, it has caused great consternation in some of my readers because they were unable to navigate it easily. I’m glad you like I though, as do I, and thank you for reading here.


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