Is Expiring

On August 9, 2021, the domain that I have bought and mapped to my WordPress blog is expiring. I no longer choose to to pay for this, and so I am letting my blog fall back to the free site WordPress offers.

Should you wish to find me there, the new address will be:

I do hope you will visit me there so we can continue our bookish conversations!

13 thoughts on “ Is Expiring”

    1. Hopefully, all the posts will still be here…I’m sorry it’s so soon, but I wanted to give enough time for people to be able to find me. This post is “stuck” at the top of my blog, and of course, I will visit in the meantime (where you could click on my icon). ❤️


    1. Yes, the link in my post is the default blog to which my domain has been mapped. But, on August 10, if you click on you will find nothing. Instead, you will have to type in should you wish to find me. I hope that clarifies an annoying situation. 🥰


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