Madam by Phoebe Wynne

This place is all about traditions, honor, rules…which means what? Turning a blind eye when things go wrong? p. 166

The girls at Caldonbrae Hall have a “strange ugly destiny.” Rose doesn’t know this right away, but she senses that something is wrong from the moment she is hired as a new Madam. All the female teachers are addressed as Madam, the males as Sir. But perhaps that is one of the least innocuous rules that are enforced at this strange school.

Rose teaches Classics, and she gradually pulls her class of girls into the fascinating stories of mythology: Diana, Daphne, Medea (and even Lucretia, who ironically enough is featured in my last post). In a way, this is a fitting subject for the girls to study, for their lives are equally subject to cult and ritual practices.

I found myself likening this book to Rebecca, and once again, The Secret History, but sadly it falls far beneath their power. Once again, I have read a book which I had eagerly anticipated that failed to deliver the satisfaction I sought.

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