Finally, a Bullet Journal That Works For Me

I have tried for so long to create a bullet journal which pleased me. I drew lines on a Moleskine, I added sketches to a Leuchtturm1917, I searched Instagram for images so that I could bullet journal properly.

What is “properly”? I have discovered that it is the way that works for me, not copying someone else. I cannot draw like Frederica (@feebujo). I cannot use Zebra mild liners to box off my pages into colorful segments. I do not want to record my Mood or Self Care.

The best way for me, as I finally discovered, was to open this Mother and Child leather journal which was made in Italy. It is to use my Mont Blanc Meisterstück, both so special to me that I have never used either one although I’ve owned them for decades. (What was I planning, to “save them for the wake” as my father says?)

My plan is to keep the pages simple. Clean. And significant to me. I have a spread for thankfulness, for my Bible reading plan, for books I’ve both received from publishers and read. Of course, there is a calendar too, laid out across two pages as my writing has always been a bit on the large side.

Someday I may return to my beloved Midori Traveler’s Notebooks. But for now, I want a book which can hold all I want to write: plans, dreams, memories, events. And, I am finally using the beautiful stationery I have acquired in which to do so.

Do you keep a journal? Do you save your lovely notebooks instead of writing in them? Is there a system that works for you? I would love to know.

9 thoughts on “Finally, a Bullet Journal That Works For Me”

  1. I’ve never managed to keep a journal for longer than a month.
    Yes I have multiple notebooks that are so beautiful I can’t bear to write in them – I always think my handwriting will not do justice to those pages,

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    1. I have boxes and boxes of journals, with more information than will be of use to anyone when I die. 😉 But, it is just lately that a I have been interested in keeping a Bullet Journal. I wish that I had begun it far earlier; I would so like to look back and see the details of my life when I lived in Germany or when my son was small.

      Yet, I surely understand the “worry” that it will not look nice enough. And then I thought, “Nice enough for whom?” What matters is that we use what we have, what gives us pleasure. Why save perfume for just the special occasions?

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  2. Beautiful – like you, I love stationery and pens and am always keeping them for… what, exactly? I love seeing other people’s bullet journals, but thought it was far too complicated for me. However, I am inspired by your example.


  3. I use a Midori Traveler’s Notebook for journaling. I like to keep it simple: I have a lined section for Bible study and theological thoughts, a section of blank pages for inspiration, story ideas, and the like. I also keep a zippered pocket in the back for important items.


  4. M, as you know, I love journals, so I was happy to read your post. I’m not one to bullet journal, of course, I’ve never tried. I know what you mean though, you must journal in the way that is best for you. I fall down the rabbit hole of journaling and wind up purchasing items I don’t need or will ever use. So, I’ve gone back to basics – a journal and a pen. If the mood strikes I will add Washington, a sticker, or a bit of ephemera. Mainly, I just want to write and write. I love your pen. I’ve been tempted to purchase a Montblanc, but have yet to do so. Like you, I have too many journals to count and have been waiting to use them all. Your father’s quote is apt and makes me realize I need to use all of my things now, instead of later. Why wait? Thanks for this post. I love your journal 🙂 xx


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