Do Join Us!

Just in case you can never get enough of Russian literature, like me, feast your eyes on the small collection of Dostoevsky works above. (With an addition of a matryoshka doll from my friends Carol and Tom.) They normally abide on my Russian literature shelf next to Tolstoy, Pasternak, Solzhenitsyn, Bulgakov, and other lesser known Russian authors.

You may notice a few tabs in my Pevear and Volokhonsky edition which I used a few years ago (2010) in another read-along. But now, Arti of Ripple Effects is hosting a fresh read-along of The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky, and I must reread it with her. Not only do I appreciate her insights into what it is we read together (In Remembrance of Things Past, or Midnight’s Children, for example), I appreciate her pace.

Here is the schedule she has laid out for us:

  • Part 1: May 22
  • Part II: June 12
  • Part III: July 3
  • Part IV and Epilogue: July 24

That is quite feasible, is it not? I do hope you’ll join us, even if, as Tom said, “Didn’t we just read this?” 😉

3 thoughts on “Do Join Us!”

  1. Love Dostoyevsky and this is on my classic book list. I know that it is very long, which sometimes can be a little bit off-putting. Sounds great to divide it into four readings. I will join along, but can not promise that I have time to read all as planned, but will do my best. Thank you for alerting me to the read-along. I will head over to Artie.


    1. I am so glad you’ll be joining in! The slow pace that Arti has planned makes it manageable, although I’ll probably read it all in one go so I don’t lose track. It’s hard for me to pick up and put down a long book; I tend to lose impetus. At any rate, we shall have a grand discussion.


  2. Wow – what a challenging summer list. I was just telling someone today that with traveling and getting ready to travel I don’t have the mind for anything that feels demanding. Are any of these short page-turners? 😉


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