Truly Yours, Baum-Kuchen, and Planner Peace

I have been checking the mail every day with great anticipation. For not so long ago, I sent my new Midori passport notebook to Baum-Kuchen for a personal customization. I wanted my initials and a very important Japanese term embossed on the cover.

When I was up late at night a few weeks ago, my husband asked me, “What are you doing?”

“Filling in my 2022 calendar insert,” I replied, “for my new Traveler’s Notebook.”

“Meredith,” he said, “It’s March. Of 2021.”

He doesn’t understand, of course. That’s why I gave him my old, already gloriously worn in Passport TN, the one I used during our trip to Japan. It’s navy, his favorite color, and I thought he could join me in planning now that he’s retired. Maybe he will, and maybe he won’t, but it doesn’t detract from my utter joy in the notebooks, the inserts, and the filling in of them.

These are the inserts from 2020. There are more than I usually fill, but 2020 was a more than usual year. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred to them now that the pandemic seems to be dissipating.

“Mom,” I said this week, “do you realize we started walking together March 20 of last year?”

It’s so easy to refer to an occasion, a memory, an event, or a thought with these little beauties.

My newly embossed cover has wabi-sabi embossed in the center, with my initials down below. What is wabi-sabi? Quite simply, it means finding beauty in the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. It is so perfectly suited to the balance I yearn for between control and acceptance. It is a term I want to fully embrace, and now I can with this reminder on the cover of my new notebook.

It is just perfect.

8 thoughts on “Truly Yours, Baum-Kuchen, and Planner Peace”

  1. M, I love it. Your new TN looks terrific! I’ve been thinking about customizing one lately. I just love the idea of making it more personal. And, I love that BK provides this service. I’m so glad you posted about it. xx

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    1. Nadia, I love seeing your beautiful notebooks on the occasions I open Instagram. You have a gorgeous collection, and I’ve often wanted to sit down with you to discuss how you use yours. I keep just one, with inserts for appointments, memories and thoughts, respectively. It is a fun practice to share with you, in addition to our love of books!


    1. Well, hopefully inspiring to some. I have always kept a journal, since I was five years old and went to Canada with my Grandmother. (“You mean you don’t know how to spell Winnipeg?” she asked me.☺️) But it hasn’t been until 2016 that I began using a Midori notebook, which I totally love. Have you tried one? Do you keep a journal?


  2. Beautiful notebook, I envy you. I am totally obsessed with notebooks and have a pile of them. Have to control myself every time my eyes finds them in a shop. I use one as a diary, and others for notes on various subjects. I also create some myself. It is great fun.


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