Some Spooky Reads I Have Planned for the R.I.P. XV

The events of the early days of blogging, circa 2006 when I began, still bring joy to my heart. I have always participated in Carl’s R.I.P. Challenges, even to the extent where I purchased Poppets which he brought to our attention through his blog posts.

And now we are ready for R.I.P. XV which begins September 1 through October 31, 2020. Use #RIPXV, or @PerilReaders, should you wish to include social media with your posts.

I have tentatively planned the following books:

And, of course, you are welcome to join Amateur Reader and I (and several others) in John O’Hara’s Appointment in Samarra which may, in fact, also qualify for a disconcerting read.

24 thoughts on “Some Spooky Reads I Have Planned for the R.I.P. XV”

    1. I have about three Poppets in my dresser drawer, and I’ve even given some away. They were a fun harbinger of Halloween…I’m looking forward to talking about Picnic at Hanging Rock with you, and Travelin’ Penguin. Your input will be welcomed by this Midwestern girl.😌


  1. The RIP thing sounds like fun — I almost participated last year, but didn’t learn of it in time. No excuse this year, right?
    On a different (?) topic: I’ve been reading the O’Hara Appointment in Samara. . . . I’m going slowly, but finding it quite interesting.


    1. The R.I.P. Challenges have almost come to mean Fall, for me, after all these years. I hope that you will find something suitable to enjoy this year. I’m so glad that you’ve already begun Appointment in Samarra…and are finding it interesting! I was trying to hold off a little while, otherwise, I’ll have it finished before others have begun. But, it’s great to know that you are reading it, and I think that going slowly is a good idea!


  2. Aww, those poppets bring back fond memories of my early days of blogging! I plan to unofficially participate in the RIP challenge. 15 years is amazing!

    Hope you are well, my friend. xoxo


    1. Lesley, I am SO GLAD to hear from you! It seems that my forays into translated literature have taken me far away from my “old” friends of blogging in the early years. (It also seems to me that there is a division between WordPress and Blogger, do you think so? I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s like their houses in the same neighborhood, but not the same block. Anyway…) I miss you and a few of the other relationships I felt I had forged when I put more effort into this hobby. So, it is good to touch base again via the R.I.P. at least.

      I have begun S. by J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst, and I cannot put it down. It is a novel within a novel, using both text and handwritten anecdotes on the side margins, not to mention ephemera in between the pages throughout. I will post more on it when I finish, but so far, I highly recommend it.

      Hope you are well, too, now that summer is ending, hopefully that is true of the virus as well. Xoxoxo


      1. I have never noticed a division between WP and Blogger users. I probably follow more on Blogger, but I know of quite a few on WP (and I only know this because of the unique email that comes to me to subscribe to comments on WP).

        All is well here. Staying safe, but missing our RV adventures (too many people in the campgrounds these days and we don’t want to leave my mom alone for weeks on end). I miss you, too! xoxo


        1. I’m glad you do not notice a division between the two blogging platforms; it is probably in my mind, stemming from my own personal switch from Blogger to WP.

          I am glad that you are safe; it is hard not to be traveling, I’m sure. I miss even going to the Morton Arboretum which still requires a timed-entry pass even though the extensive grounds are outside. I have to be careful to be considerate of others’ fears when they don’t match my own. I am far too critical, and trying to stop that immediately.



  3. The poppets! I love this challenge and definitely planning to join as well. Just need to come up with a reading list. Hope you enjoy your thrilling reads.


  4. Oooh…Picnic at Hanging Rock and House of Leaves sound amazing!! Hope you’re doing well, and thank you for these recommendations!!! Always a pleasure to read your posts and correspond with you.


  5. M, how are you? So glad to see you mentioning the R.I.P. challenge. I normally participate, but this year my reading has been rather nil. I’ve been rereading old favorites in order to calm my anxiety, so I haven’t been reaching for new reads in quite some time. I have to say that I find it disconcerting, because I am normally a voracious reader. I was going to join in on your read along for September, but I’m not sure if that book fits my mood. But, perhaps R.I.P. will do the trick of getting me to read again. And its funny you mentioned Picnic at Hanging Rock, because that has been on my list for ages, as has S. by Abrams. Hmm…maybe thinking of which books to read will inspire to actually pick one up and dive in. Thanks for this 🙂 Hope you and yours are doing well. Take care, dear friend. x


  6. Love it and I am adding Picnic at Hanging Rock to my to read list. I tried House of Leaves once before. It is very spooky but the format take a lot of work. I gave up on it because it was a borrowed copy and I needed a lot more time with it. I would give it a go again though.


  7. Challenge accepted, so thank you for the invitation. My reading choices are of course on my blog.
    With Much Appreciation 🙂


  8. I read the first chapter…or the prologue…can’t remember how it starts, of The Silent Companions the other night and it was good. I put it aside again so I can finish my two current reads which I’m more than halfway through, but look forward to getting back to it.

    I should read Picnic at Hanging Rock. The show (the old version, not the new) is so weirdly creepy and unsettling, in a good way.

    Poppets and R.IP. go hand in hand. I just bought another one the other day from Lisa and cannot wait until it arrives.


  9. I just recently bought the Picnic at Hanging Rock ebook when it was on sale! I’ve got so much I want to read during this Fall season!!


  10. Yes! Please pick Picnic at Hanging Rock. Have only seen the movie – but I’m sure the book will be as good (if not better). There’s also a TV version out there, but I’m not sure how good that one is….


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