A Long Story for a Simple Solution

My Nook Glowlight died the other day. I plugged it in, only to receive the message that my battery was dead, and it remained dead a full twelve hours later. So, I determined it was time to buy a new nook.

“You can’t read on any of your other devices?” my husband gently inquired.

“No,” I said. “I can’t.”

When I looked at the Barnes and Noble site I saw that their new and improved GlowLight Plus was almost $200.00. Their GlowLight 3 was $119.00. And, their Nook Tablet 7” was $49.99. That seemed the best option, as I seem to go through my devices like mints.

I bought the tablet at 1:00 p.m., as we have a Barnes and Noble within walking distance of our house, and had it plugged in by 1:30. Surely, I could have it set up by the time I needed to start dinner.

After it sufficiently charged, I attempted to log in to my wi-fi. I kept getting a message that there was a password error, and after many, many attempts I was told I was locked out. So, I called Nook Support, and was told by a person in a faraway land that clearly, the problem was with my service provider, and my memory, not Nook. But, since I had never registered my Nook, it was not possible for her to help me. I should contact Wowway, she said. Or, with whomever I held our internet agreement.

Thanking her for her no help whatsoever, I made dinner, and informed my husband of the situation. “It will be 24 hours before you can try again,” he said. “They lock a device for your protection, in case it gets stolen.”

Surely, I thought to myself, somebody at the physical store will be able to help me. So, I found myself standing once again before the counter at which I’d purchased my Nook seven hours earlier. The appropriate manager was called, and when he came he immediately began punching buttons.

“Hmmmmm,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like this. Well, you get what you pay for.”

(My mother, upon hearing this story, suggested I mention to him that I was getting nothing, for which I had paid $49.99.)

After multiple attempts without success, he said he would replace this tablet with a new one, and went back to get a second device. He began filling in the paperwork for a return, or exchange, and I went back to standing there waiting, when he suddenly shoved the box under my nose.

“Demo,” it read, on the end of the box. I had been trying to get a Demo model to accept my password for almost an entire day.

Now, I’m curious. Is it my fault for not reading the end of the box? Is it the person in Asia’s fault who insisted I didn’t know the password to my own internet? Is it the clerk’s fault at Barnes and Noble who sold me the Demo in the first place? Is it the fault of all the thieves who made locking one’s device a necessity? All I know is that I should have followed my husband’s suggestion in the first place and used one of my other devices.

Like a book.

19 thoughts on “A Long Story for a Simple Solution”

    1. It’s so funny how I often I think of Lesley when I have anything to do with Barnes and Noble. She would have helped me, I know it! She wouldn’t have shrugged her shoulders when I asked her a question, or sold me a demo by mistake.

      I heard last night that the Barnes and Noble in our town is closing for good next year, and I hear rumors of that happening across the states. I was so sad when Borders closed its doors, and now Barnes and Noble? I won’t cry big tears from them, other than that it really forces me into Amazon for many bookish things.


  1. For future reference, you may want to “tricle” charge a dead device. This involves plugging it into a computer to let it charge very slowly. This has brought my dead readers back to life.


  2. I don’t think my reaction to that manager would have been as calm as yours seems to have been. When they sold you the demo version did they explain you would have trouble getting it set up? If not, they mis sold it – and shouldn’t make you feel like you didn’t know what you were doing


    1. I figured the only thing to do was to be patient…it seems that incompetence has become the rule now, and I am not surprised to find things not working. Or, sales people looking at me and shrugging, “I don’t know.” (I made the mistake once of asking where the stationary was, and the girl responded, “What dat?”) Still, I live in hope that I can find what I need when I shop for it.😉


  3. Oh, what a frustrating experience!

    The manager…argh, many wrong bad with him.

    I’m a Kindle user. Once I pulled the Kindle site from a Google search, and I was at an illicit site that almost got access to my computer by me answering them to information questions. I pulled out on time.

    Another time, Kindle service, -not outsourced, USA based-, handhelded me to resurrect my Kindle. Screen was black, I thought it was gone, but I also remember having plugged it into the computer, and with their help we restarted the system somehow.

    It looks like you also NEED the backlit reader. I would be lost without my Kindle.

    Hopefully you get a replacement, at which point, maybe your old one works! Hahaha. Do a search for dead Nooks, you may find something to try on it.


    1. I have a Kindle, too, which is especially lovely when a book is over 400 pages (and therefore cumbersome), or when I’m on vacation and want to take several books with me. I also like that the font can be adjusted if I want it bigger. And now I see you have left me instructions on “resurrecting” the device…

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  4. Ignore the comment if you are already doing something else. It’s just that, I hate devices that stop working… have you tried a hard start? https://www.quora.com/How-can-you-fix-a-Nook-tablet-that-wont-turn-on

    These things listed here are similar to what I did to my Kindle when it went black even though it had been charging.

    Hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds. The Nook should power off and you can turn it back on again. Everything should work normally.

    If that does not work you will need to hold down the power button and the “N” button for 10 or more seconds. Again, this should force your device to power off and you can start it up normally.

    Take out the N2A Card and try the same steps again. Your Nook should boot up into Nook mode. You’ll have to restart it again with the N2A Card in to boot up in Android mode.


  5. M, that is so annoying! The manager was the worst. What a pain! I hate when my kindle freezes or acts up – especially when I’m in the middle of a good book. Of course, I always think to myself – why am I using an e-reader when I have loads of actual books siting on my shelves waiting to be read? I blame it on my mood. Sometimes I am all about reading ARCs on my kindle and other times I am craving a physical book and need to hold one in my hands. It all depends on my mood. As for e-readers, this is my third kindle. They tend to die at some point and I’m ready thinking of getting a new one for Christmas. Or maybe I should just stick with physical copies of books 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed your summer. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. This year is nearly over it feels like – what with everyone rushing to sell Halloween and Christmas decorations already. By the by, I’m getting my copy of the new Stephen King book today = hurrah! I’m thinking of reading it for RIP.

    Take care,
    Nadia x


    1. Now you, and Ti, have enticed me to look into King’s newest; The Institute, right? I remember his oldie (Needful Things) absolutely capturing my attention last autumn. This one seems a bit scary having to do with children…


  6. Wow. What terrible customer service! First, how in the world did that clerk sell you a demo model?! We kept our demos locked up in the manager’s office if they weren’t securely attached to a Nook display. What a screw-up! Second, the manager who rudely shoved the demo box under your nose (and whose rude remark about getting what you paid for) should be reported to the store manager. (Hopefully, he isn’t the store manager!) Third, I HATED dealing with Nook sales & issues that always seemed to arise when I was working. We didn’t get much (if any) training whenever B&N released new devices and none of us enjoyed dealing with the variety of problems that were almost guaranteed to pop up whenever we got new models. I have a Nook, but guess what? I only use it to watch YouTube videos while walking on the treadmill. I’m not a fan of ebooks. I think the last ebook I read was a Stephen King chunkster. I do hope this new Nook does not give you anymore problems and I’m sorry to hear that your local B&N is closing. I had hoped with the new ownership, B&N would start adding more stores, not eliminating them. Maybe it’s an issue of the building’s lease.


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