Frodo’s Courage, an Indomitable Thing

There is a seed of courage hidden (often deeply, it is true) in the heart of the fattest and most timid hobbit, waiting for some final and desperate danger to make it grow.

After my son and I saw the film, Tolkiena few weeks ago, I knew it was time to pick up his books once again. It has been since I was fifteen or so, reading them in a secluded tower in San Miguel de Allende while our family was there for Christmas. No, I have read bits of them to my son as he was growing up, creating in him a great fondness for travel, adventure, and defying danger.

I love The Fellowship of The Ring for the courage it instills, for the way it upholds what is honorable, true and good, for the way I can liken it to Christianity even though the movie completely avoided such comparisons.

Let this be my first of 20 Books of Summer.

9 thoughts on “Frodo’s Courage, an Indomitable Thing”

  1. What a great start! I have been reading a lot more than usual the last few weeks, so I might even complete 20 books in a summer. But I am not going to make it official or make any commitments or lists! 😉


    1. There is no way I am going to complete 20 Books of Summer, I can tell that right now. Here it is June 10, and I haven’t even finished one! But, as a teaching colleague used to say, “It’s a journey, not a race.” I have become tired of the racing I do, even if it’s internally. Still, it’s a worthy goal, right? I am with you on no commitments or lists, only joy.

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    1. Seeing the film about Tolkien’s life really motivated me to pick this up again. But, I wish Dr. Hein was teaching it! He would have so much to add. Nevertheless, I am having a lot of enrichment reading it myself, comparing his wisdom to the Biblical wisdom we know to be true, and making connections to the film and his stories. So many of the Dark Riders were depicted in the film while he was in WWI.


  2. I’ve only read The Hobbit, but I loved all the LoTRs movies. What a great summer reading project that would be. It may have to wait until next year, though. I’m planning to read all of the remaining books in the Louise Penny Three Pines/Gamache series. I’m starting #7 and there are 15 published with another due out in August!


    1. The movies follow the novels so closely (which I find to be a rare and lovely thing. My Cousin Rachel only bore the faintest resemblance, in my opinion, to DuMaurier’s book). One of the things Tolkien does is create an incredible atmosphere, or mood. I feel I am there with Frodo and Company, facing the dangers which I can apply even to our world.

      I have only read one or two Louise Penny novels, and certainly they weren’t in order I should, rather I want to, read them from the beginning as you are doing. I have an ever growing pile of books from publishers, which rather than being enticing is sitting like an indomitable mountain I’ll never scale. It is rather stealing some joy right now, as I don’t want my reading to turn into a job. Hence the less blogging and social media I am doing. It is hard for me to find a balance…if I give it all up entirely, I feel cut off from people I care about and being informed. If I give it my all, it robs me of peace. I don’t know…



      1. You have really inspired me to read this series! I love Frodo and Sam.

        I replied to your comment on my blog about Louise Penny’s books. I highly recommend reading them in order, with very little gap between each installment. You can skip the first two, however, as I don’t think they’re all that good.

        I’m trying to balance reading and blogging with my new life, which is full of yoga, pickleball, mahjong and road trips. I find that I fit the reading and blogging in whenever I can, but I don’t fret too much about it. I usually find a chance to catch-up before I fall too far behind.



  3. I love this post. I actually purchased a new set of these books recently and have been thinking about reading them again. I remember loving them so much that first time long ago – the thrills, the adventure, and the love. I think its so great that you are enjoying them once again, especially in the summer time as it seems that summer is the time for adventures. Enjoy once more 🙂


  4. Bellezza, I enjoyed your description of reading Tolkien in a secluded tower in San Miguel de Allende during Christmas time–I’ve been to San Miguel! I agree that this is a wonderful way to start your summer reading. Summer officially begins on June 21, so you are a bit ahead of the game right now. 😉 To me, summer is a time to slow down, and reading, more than ever is to be savored.


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