Moby Dick Read-along Plans

moby dick 2I have long been wanting to read Moby Dick, and Brona’s plan seems just about perfect: three to four chapters a week beginning August 1, which is Herman Melville’s 200th birthday. The reading could be followed up with a listening to the chapters on audio at Moby Dick Big Read.

Here is a screenshot of the site, as the name almost sounds…ridiculous:


So, it’s a plan. I have time to finish Lucky Per which was to be May’s read-along, and locate my leather bound, gilt-edged edition of Moby Dick. Perhaps you will join us as well.

22 thoughts on “Moby Dick Read-along Plans

  1. I don’t think I’ll manage another reading of a large novel, having just finished Lucky Per. It’s many years since I read Moby-Dick, and recall a more positive response than Woody Allen’s famous dismissal of it. Yes, there are long stretches of tedium, but for me they worked in the grand scheme of things. Not sure if a rereading would endorse this view…


  2. Delighted you’ll be joining us. I’m really looking forward to reading this tricky (by all accounts) but fascinating classic with a group of friends.


  3. This sounds enormously fun. I’ve had a fresh copy on my shelf for the last year but haven’t cracked it. August, eh? Verrry tempting. And thanks for the link to the Big Read!


  4. I hosted a read along for Moby Dick and many people signed up but only myself and one other finished it! I enjoyed it. It was humorous which I was not expecting but long. Very long.


    • I’m sorry I didn’t notice your read-along of this very same novel, Ti! I would have at least attempted to join in as I am now. The length should be manageable, as we don’t finish til February 2020, as long as I don’t get bored.


  5. I tried to read this several years ago, as it is my husband’s favorite book. He used to teach an English class in which he showed the students both Moby Dick and Jaws (films). There are quite a few similarities, I’m told. 🙂 I tried to read the book, but failed, stalling somewhere around chapter 9, I think. Perhaps this will be the way for me to actually read the entire book. I do like the idea of a read/listen combo.


    • Les, I would have loved to have been in Rod’s class! He would make it so interesting, I can just tell. And to compare the two films? Fascinating idea! I have never tried this, so I can’t say I gave up on it. But, as you say, listening to it could be the saving grace while reading. Xo


  6. It is definitely a “chunkster”. I haven’t read it, but I’ve read (very short) snippets from it. I cannot join in this summer, but look forward to reading about this read-a-long, Bellezza.


    • I think I have to read it for the name Starbucks, alone! 😉 Even though I now prefer Peet’s Coffee by far. It will be fun to see what everyone thinks of Moby Dick; I am hopeful to at least listen to it.


    • Well, I guess it wouldn’t be such a chunkster classic if we didn’t approach it with some trepidation. 😌 I’m so glad that you are joining in, too, Lisbeth!


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