Japanese Literature Challenge 12 (State of the Challenge #8, and the winner of Desire by Haruki Murakami)

img_0312Strange Weather in Tokyo, giving us a heartfelt response similar to the one I experienced myself after reading it. (Although my edition of the same book was entitled The Briefcase, oddly enough.)

Juliana has done a masterful job of reviewing The Pillow Book by writing a letter to Sei Shōnagon here.

Andrew Blackman has also read The Pillow Book, mentioning it in his February post, promising to publish his thoughts which I am eager to read.

I have read and adored The Emissary and Hideo Yokoyama’s latest book, Seventeen.

As promised, I have a winner for Desire which was offered as a giveaway last Thursday. The easiest, and fairest, way to find a winner was to simply pull a name from those who left a comment on the original post. And so, I am pleased to announce that Abby has won this particular book. I will email you, Abby, to ask for your mailing address. Thanks to all who entered and enjoy Japanese literature!

12 thoughts on “Japanese Literature Challenge 12 (State of the Challenge #8, and the winner of Desire by Haruki Murakami)”

  1. Hello,
    I just finished the BEST book, and thought of you instantly as I read it, as I know your penchant for this type of literature. It was even better than Chess Story if you can believe that. You should read it if you haven’t already. It’s entitled ‘An Affair To Remember’ by Graham Greene. I downloaded it free this weekend on my Kindle from Amazon. I saw the movie years ago, but had forgotten much of it, The book is so much better!
    Kindest thoughts,

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    1. I love that book! I read it years ago, so I should pick it up again (and read more from Graham Greene, who’s the author if I remember correctly). Thanks for thinking of me.


    2. You must have kindle unlimited, as for us “regular” people it’s $10.00. I’ll get it from the library after Boekenweek reading I’m doing and the Man Booker International Prize ling list when it’s released on the 13th.


          1. No doubt, plus all shipping is free on other items you might like. Plus with Prime, you can stream movies and television for free. I don’t watch a lot of television, but they do have some classic movies available I’ve watched.


  2. Before I forget. I don’t wish for you to think me deceptive. We have spoken before today. We spoke in this particular series of comments on this very post; I had the blog ‘Anchors To Windward.’ I think I too had one more blog where we corresponded. We spoke about our times living in Germany during the cold war as I was in the military there, and I believe your husband was too if I’m not mistaken. I have a habit of deleting blogs. I get frustrated with myself thinking I should spend my time more wisely than blogging, then I think no-one in their right mind would want to read anything I’ve got to say. Then I talk myself into deleting. I’m going to try and keep this blog. I’ll just step away from it for a while if I need to. For the record, I’ve always read your blog, it’s one that keeps me coming back. I hope you and your family have a great weekend.
    Respectfully, Dean


    1. Ah, I wondered where Anchors to Windward had gone! I’ve looked for you! And, that thought often plagued me: who would want to read what I have to say? I guess what matters is that we say what we have to say, and if it’s valuable to someone it has served a purpose. Or, it serves a purpose even if only to articulate our own thoughts to ourselves. I’m glad you’re still writing; I have added this blog to my blog list so I won’t lose you again. ☺️


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