Japanese Literature Challenge 12 (State of the Challenge #4)

Ally of Snow Feathers has read and reviewed Confessions by Kanae Minato.

Mel has read and reviewed The Tale of The House of Physics by Yoko Ogawa.

Nadia has read and reviewed The Lady Killer by Masako Togawa.

Somali Bookaholic has read and reviewed The End of The Moment We Had by Toshiki Okada

Tony has read three more Japanese works which can be found here:

Beyond the Sleepless Tossing of the Planets by Makoto Ōoka

Ōe and Beyond: Fiction in Contemporary Japan
– edited by Stephen Snyder and Philip Gabriel

Tokyo Ueno Station by Yū Miri

As for me, I am simply glad to have caught the flight from Ft. Meyers to O’Hare during the polar vortex. The flight before ours was cancelled, as was the flight after, but we were delivered safely to our destination.

I am halfway through The Traveling Cat Chronicles, a book I was certain would make me cry and then Terri confirmed it. As soon as I finish that (tomorrow), I will pick up The Pillow Book with Frances, Caroline, Deb, and Juliana. Do join us if you choose, as we take the month of February to read this Japanese classic.

19 thoughts on “Japanese Literature Challenge 12 (State of the Challenge #4)”

  1. The Traveling Cat Chronicles is such a tear-jerker indeed – I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days after I finished it. It affects you even more when you have pets yourself. I hope you enjoyed it, though!
    I’m also finished with Masks by Enchi Fumiko and should post my review of it soon. 🙂


    1. Oh, no! That’s what I was afraid of! I remember our elementary school watching The Yearling as an entire group in the gym, and I cried uncontrollably. Of course, I was only 8, but it was quite upsetting to me. I adore animals, and any loss makes me so sad, so I’m sure I’ll cry upon completing this book. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Masks when you’re ready to share.

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      1. I completely sympathise. I tend to avoid films in which pet animals are the leading characters because the endings almost always end up in tragedy and I just can’t bear it. I do hope you enjoyed The Traveling Cat, though, despite all the tear-filled moments 🙂 I’ll be probably posting my review on Masks in the next couples of days.


  2. Oh wow you are a brave traveler!! So glad you are safe. Did you bring The Traveling Cat Chronicles as a companion? Though you started later than me, you’re going much faster… I didn’t know in advance it would be a heavy-heart-read but found out in the first chapter and can only do bits at a time. I’m a third in right now and just put it down again.

    Y’all have fun with The Pillow Book read-a-long. I won’t join you as I’ve already read it in 2010. I’m glad I did but, for me, it is definitely not a book to re-read… 😉


    1. I did bring the Traveling Cat as a companion, but I haven’t been reading very fast for such a short book. I keep putting it down, taking it in small gulps so to speak. I’m only one third in as well, or maybe closer to one half, half “afraid” to finish.

      I can understand why The Pillow Book might not be a re-read for some. I just want to get it under my belt at least once, as you have done.


  3. M, I’m glad you arrived safe and sound. Stay warm 🙂 I’ve heard of The Pillow Book, but have no idea what it is about. I suppose now is the time to find out. Then again I just finished a Yoshimoto book and am feeling rather sad now, so I think I might pick up something with a bit of speed and thrill.


    1. Definitely go for some speed and thrill after something sad! That’s my strategy, too, my plan even after a heavy classic. How did you finish Six Four? I’ve abandoned it all three times that I’ve begun it! I am most impressed by your tenacity/brilliance.


    1. Never any need to apologize, Simon. (I’m “sorry” I didn’t read They Were Counted with you! I just finished it last week, and I’m longing to get to Volumes 2 and 3.) I certainly understand being sidetracked, and worse, bogged down with work.


  4. I’m glad you made it home safe and sound! I just raced over to Portland and back (about a 5 hour round trip drive) to deliver my mother to her hotel. She’s taking the train down to Southern California tomorrow and we wanted to beat the snow storm that’s heading to Portland and the coast.

    Just got a notice from my library that my hold for The Traveling Cat Chronicles is ready for pickup. I’ve been eager to read it after reading so many glowing reviews for it on Goodreads.


    1. I’m glad you, and your mother, are safe and sound. It sounds like this polar vortex/storm had effects nationwide. I wish that I made better use of Goodreads; it’s all I can do to keep up with blogging. But, I’m glad that you heard good things of The Traveling Cat Chronicles, and I’m happier still that you are going to read it. It seems like it will be quite sad, though, so we’ll have to be brave.


  5. How many degrees did you lose traveling from Fort Myers to Chicago Thursday? I bet it was a whole normal body temperature


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