November is Margaret Atwood Reading Month

1538481634614220282014I most emphatically do not like anything Margaret Atwood has written from The Handmaid’s Tale on. Oryx and Crake and subsequent books have become far too sci-fi for my taste, with a strong flavor of feminism and futuristic doom to boot.

But. Surfacing, The Cat’s Eye, and The Robber Bride are among three of my favorite books ever. (Particularly The Robber Bride which I have read at least three times.)


So, when Naomi of Consumed by Ink announced that she and Marci are hosting a Margaret Atwood Reading Month, I jumped right in. They have many events scheduled, in which you can participate or not as you choose. The point is, I believe, to celebrate the great power of Atwood’s voice.

7 thoughts on “November is Margaret Atwood Reading Month”

    1. Naomi, I’m really excited about this “challenge” you have set forth with Marci. What a great idea! I always want to reread my favorite Atwood books; plus, I have not had a chance to read The Heart Goes Last which I recently bought at our library for $1.00. (What?!)

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  1. So you didn’t like Alias Grace? I read that one with a book group way back – probably in 2008 or so. I remember liking it. This sounds interesting. Alias Grace is the only book I’ve read by Atwood. I have wanted to read The Cat’s Eye and The Robber Bride. I’ll think about joining in. Not sure yet.


    1. Sadly, Alias Grace bored me. Nothing compares to either The Cat’s Eye or The Robber Bride to me. Of course, I haven’t read them in at least ten years, but they were so very powerful to me at the time. I felt almost as if she could see inside my heart, and I love it when an author is able to do that. I’d love to talk with you about either one if you should read it.


  2. I need to read some more Atwood … I think I have 2 or 3 titles on my shelf, The Robber Bride & The Edible Woman. Hopefully I can get to them before the end of the year! I remember really enjoying Oryx & Crake but I don’t think I want to continue with the series. Hope you enjoy reading more Atwood this month!


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