Re-Stick For Up to 5 Minutes (or, in some cases, longer)

Ever since I brought this package home from a day of errands with my father, I’ve been thinking about it. Re-stick(able) glue? What a concept!

How many times have I seen a child carefully cut out something to be glued down and put it in the wrong place? How many times have I done that in my own projects, glued down a piece for a page in my Midori Traveler’s Notebook and decided, with my wonderful spatial reasoning which is always a beat off, that it would look better somewhere else? Worse yet, it’s in the right place, but it’s askew. When I’ve tried to lift it, the page tears leaving a hole in what would have been a lovely effect.

What if there was such a stick for our lives? Whoops, I’ve made a decision that I would like to re-stick, please. I’ve made a comment that ought to be retracted for five minutes so I can readjust what I’d meant to say.

The idea that I’m stuck with what I’ve done has been a deep-seated one. The era in which I grew up was pretty much of the philosophy, “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.” And that caused me to be very careful, which isn’t all bad. But, what is permanent? Can’t we make a new choice, a new decision, a new conversation to replace a poor one? I think we can. I think that there are more options available to us than perhaps we realize. More chances for a fresh start, a new beginning, a “lifting off” of the old than I once thought.

It’s so refreshing.

10 thoughts on “Re-Stick For Up to 5 Minutes (or, in some cases, longer)”

  1. I’d love to have that re-stick option for when I send an email and seconds after hitting send, realising it contained spelling errors or I had forgotten to attach the promised attachment.


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