Celebrate World Book Day with Nine Free Books for Your Kindle (but hurry!)

I meant to tell you yesterday about this deal when I downloaded 9 best selling books in translation from Amazon. They are for your kindle, and they are free, but not for long. I’m not sure when “through the 24th” ends, so if I were you, I’d go here now.

And, Happy World Book Day!

19 thoughts on “Celebrate World Book Day with Nine Free Books for Your Kindle (but hurry!)

  1. Thanks for the link to these “free” kindle downloads, which unfortunately aren’t free to me here in Japan. Reduced yes, but still about 4 to 5 dollars. I’ve experienced this situation before and I would like to understand why. Any thoughts or emeralds of enlightenment?


    • Oh, I wish I understood how Amazon worked…when I wanted to buy books for the Man Booker International Prize 2018 which were available in the UK, but not the US, Amazon.Uk would not even let me buy them for my kindle. What?! Hopefully, though, you get the Japanese translations faster than I do.


  2. I did get these, and I love that they are all in translation and each represent a different place. I also saw that Audible is offering three free audiobooks this week: Moby Dick, Emma and Winnie-the-Pooh, ICYMI

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    • I am always sad when bookish opportunities aren’t available worldwide. Sometimes US publishers will only send books as prizes within the US, and I guess they’re trying to save shipping. But, what shipping cost is in an electronic book?! Sorry it didn’t work out for you (and a few others).


      • It probabaly boils down to a matter of publishing rights. As the US/UK publishing market is the most desirable in the world, this offering is probably an effort by at least one publisher to try the American market on these books/authors. I have read some truly funny stories about the dreams and efforts of foreign authors,(whether or not they have even written a book yet) to be published in the US/UK.


    • I have (several) kindles and (several) nooks as I had to buy them again when each new edition came out. I must say, I prefer my Kindle Paperwhite to them all, and perhaps you will too, especially with these fine translations. I’m eager to begin them! Hope you come to love your Paperwhite. xo

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