Thanks for your help; here’s what I bought:

I am sitting at my desk with an iPad Pro, in rose gold (if that matters) and a Logitech keyboard which is excellent! It’s backlit, it’s sturdy, and I have all the perks of an iPad and a laptop in one. I couldn’t be happier.

Reading all of your ideas was helpful. But, it’s rather like helping someone choose a lipstick. Revlon makes a great one, and so does Chanel; it really is up to the individual user to determine what will suit her needs.

There is a most annoying thing which I keep on forgetting: nothing is perfect.

I look for perfection wherever I go. The perfect size and weight (for myself). The perfect shade for my mouth. The perfect job, career, occupation. It isn’t possible. The best thing to do is to make the wisest choice possible, and be content with what you have.

That is the lesson from my searching for a device; it’s a lesson I’m learning over and over again. And in the meantime, I surely do love this tablet/laptop combination.

Even though I keep reaching for a mouse which isn’t there.

12 thoughts on “Thanks for your help; here’s what I bought:”

  1. I was going to leave a comment on your previous post, but didn’t get there in time. So, I’ll tell you what I have: my wonderful Lenovo PC, and an iPad Pro with a Logitech keyboard. Of course I put the iPad and keyboard in a case, and it’s wonderful: small enough to fit in a purse or bag, but hefty enough to handle a number of tasks.

    As for uses, I stick with my desktop for writing and blogging. I’m not fond of the WP app, for one thing, but beyond that, I do so much research while writing, and depend so much on the images I have on my hard drive and uploaded to my ftp server it’s far more convenient that messing with the iPad.

    However, I do use the iPad for commenting on others’ blogs, responding to comments, and dealing with email. I use it a good bit for weather and weather radar, too — given my work, it’s a powerful tool to have on the docks.

    So — congrats! And of course you’re right: there isn’t any perfection. 🙂


    1. I smiled so widely when I read that you have an iPad Pro with a Logitech keyboard, too! Trust you and I to have the same thing, Linda. It’s working well (although I’ve only had it 24 hours). There is the sense of wondering if one has invested in the “right” equipment, but there is nothing that does everything, right? I like how you explained that you use the iPad for commenting, as well as dealing with emails. Tonight I was also watching movies downloaded from our library, and listening to songs with the Air Pods I also bought. What gadgets! It’s like Christmas over here!

      Glad you understand about the perfection, and lack thereof.


  2. Oh, Bellezza, it looks lovely, and it sounds like a truly wonderful and useful device. I hope you will enjoy using it for blogging and other stuff. I enjoyed your comments about perfection, which is perhaps a quest rather than a destination. (Sometimes, though, we may experience a moment or two of perfection.)


    1. I love what you said about a “quest rather than a destination”! That’s almost what we say about teaching: “It’s a journey, not a race.” Learning these things (slowing down and accepting to some degree) is a lifelong lesson for me; I’ve always been in a hurry to “get there” and “do it right”. If ever I find perfection, it is with my Father above.


  3. I’m so glad you found what works best for you 🙂 You are so right about perfection – we do seek it in everything we do.


    1. I should have taken a photo of how that works, but I was using the iPad itself to take the photo of the box. To answer your question, this new iPad Pro simply clicks right onto the keyboard. There is nothing to attach or connect, really. You just set the iPad on the keyboard such that their edges align, and bam! Everything is in tandem. Then, if you want to watch movies, or play a game, or whatever, you can simply lift the iPad off the keyboard and walk away from it while leaving it on your desk. It’s magical! I do advise the Logitech keyboard rather than the one which comes from Apple; that one was a flimsy thing with no backlighting, and it got horrible reviews online.


        1. It’s a good option, especially for the portability (even just around one’s home). The only “problem” is price. My husband wanted me to upgrade to a more powerful one than basic which was around $700.00

          But, the basic new iPad is $389.00

          Also, I would advise against the Apple keyboard and go with Logitech which is much sturdier, backlit, and less expensive.


    1. Thanks, Nadia, and I hope you enjoy all those LOVELY things you get from Japanese stationary stores which I see you post on Instagram. Every time I see one of your photos, I sigh. Such lovely journals and accompanying instruments. Stickers, What have you. Want it all. 😉


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