Snow Day, a day to catch up

How lovely it is to sit by my window, leisurely, with my tea and time. There is a Snow Day today in Illinois, the first my third graders have ever had in their young school days. We have prepared our Valentine bags for next week, and folded origami hearts, so I am not worried about being behind. (Wink, wink.)

Nor am I worried about being behind in my reading. I am listening to The Dry by Jane Harper on the days that I do drive to work. It is a wonderful mystery recommended by Lesley, set in a farming community in Australia, read in by a native Australian, and I am caught up in the shootings of Luke, his wife and son, while the baby Charlotte lives. More interesting is the story of Luke’s friend, Aaron Falk, a policeman with a past. The narrator keeps saying, “Luke lied. You lied,” throughout the chapters…

And The Portrait of a Lady read-along is faring well. Arti of Ripple Effects has ready finished both The Portrait of a Lady and Mrs Osmond, a goal I’m trying to reach this month myself. JoAnn and Audrey are listening to the audio of Portrait, which I believe is also synced to their kindles, and Helen and I are steadfastly plugging along. Right now, I am aware that no one in Isabel’s family wants her to marry Osmand, but I don’t yet know why. Please feel free to read with us this month.

Finally, the shadow jury for the Man Booker International Prize is forming, and we are eagerly anticipating the release of the long list on March 12. The short list comes out April 12, and the winner will be announced May 22. Updates on our progress, and my reviews of the books, will soon appear here.

I hope your days are filled with snow, or at least the beauty and freshness it brings, and that you have plenty of time to enjoy whatever it is you are reading.

14 thoughts on “Snow Day, a day to catch up”

  1. Snow days are much like found money in a coat pocket. I remember sitting on my couch, snuggled under a quilt, watching the snow continue to fall and pile up on the front yard lawn and sidewalks. I rarely ever spend an entire day just sitting and reading and those snow days were a perfect excuse to do just that. I hope you stay warm and continue to enjoy your free day and your books.


  2. What a beautiful picture! Enjoy your day of reading and relaxing! I loved The Dry. Glad you are enjoying it too. It’s certainly not about snow though, is it? LOL


  3. Eeek. The audiobook of Mrs. Osmond has just come in for me at the library and it’s too soon!! I’m not ready. 🙂
    What a lovely picture. I hope the day after the pretty snow day isn’t too bad.


  4. Beautiful view you have, somehow the branches of the tree , their bend, reminds me of Japanese scenery.
    I finished THE DRY yesterday, it is so good, from beginning to end.
    I started ELMET, today.
    Enjoy your three day weekend my dear friend ❤


  5. I remember growing up in Michigan snow days were the happiest days of the year. So exciting to hear one’s school announced as we stood eagerly by the radio. Now in Tasmania I am enjoying summer weather and was at the beach yesterday with the dogs. I do need to read The Dry. I keep hearing so much about it. She has a new book out now but I can’t remember the name of it. Enjoy the day.


  6. What a beautiful view! I’m still enjoying Portrait at the 30% mark. No listening while walking last week with my daughters visiting, but I was able to spend a little time with my kindle.


  7. I just love snow! Unfortunately, not so common anymore where I live. When I grew up there was always snow, but today….alas. Looks like a good spot to read a good book.
    I have finished “The Portrait of a Lady” and am looking forward exchanging views in the end of the month. Loved it, but have to admit I am a Henry James fan. He makes fascinating female portraits, and they don’t always act as you expect them to. Or never acts that way. Looking forward reading Mrs Osmond.


  8. I am going to this event in mid March. Can you believe my luck? Just have to read the book before then.
    15.03 | john banville
    With Mrs Osmond, John Banville, a master in his own right, has taken on the guise of Henry James to write a sequel to The Portrait of a Lady. It is not the first time that he has moulded his pen to fit someone else’s. At Passa Porta, John Banville will discuss his many literary games with Annelies Beck.


  9. No snow where i am. We had a few drops of rain but that didn’t provide a photo opp like the one you had with your snow day 😉

    I am in a weird mood. It feels like spring here but I am also still clinging to this California winter of ours. It’s mild but pretty out with warmish days and cool nights.


  10. I’ve posted my thoughts on both books and some more on Ripple Effects now. Thanks, Bellezza, for the chance to read along. And hey, may I suggest another book to read together? How would you and any of our blog readers like to read Middlemarch together? Just a thought. It can be our 2018 project since it’s so long. Just thinking… 🙂


    1. Hi Arti, I’d love to read Middlemarch with you (and anyone else who may like to join us)! I’m embarking on the Man Booker International Prize shadow jury adventures which will be from March through April (and maybe a bit into May seeing how much I still need to read by then). But, I’d be glad to start in May if that isn’t too far away for you!


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