The Woman In The Window by A. J. Finn

The Woman in the Window was one of the choices offered by the Book of The Month club, but I didn’t make it my selection because I was reluctant to go with anything titled The Woman…or Girl…(fill in the blank). But, as it kept popping up on every feed I happened to see, be it Instagram or the NYTimes book review, I wanted to see for myself what the fuss was about it.

It’s surprisingly good. The writing isn’t stellar, but the plot was interesting, and the pacing was rapid, and the conclusion was satisfactory in tying together all the complicated bits we’d been given previously. There were surprises throughout, and it was the one in the middle that pleased me the most.

How can I write about a thriller without revealing anything crucial? That’s impossible. But, I will tell you that the woman in the window could be our narrator, telling what she saw out of her four-storey home’s window (where she is “trapped” due to her agoraphobia). Or, it could be the woman in the home across the street looking back at her, as her hands slide down the glass in agony.

It is an interesting story told by a woman with emotional complications in her life, not in the slightest helped by her drinking or abuse of medications. So we wonder, as we read carefully on, is she reliable? Is she telling the truth? More specifically, is her story only her truth and no one else’s?

It was interesting to find out. It was a most satisfactory psychological thriller.

10 thoughts on “The Woman In The Window by A. J. Finn”

  1. This one is on my list! I’m a little weary of the girl/woman who drinks too much and isn’t a reliable narrator, but I love a good mystery/thriller and this one is getting a lot of praise. If you’re in the mood for another mystery, I highly recommend The Dry by Jane Harper. It’s set in Australia and it kept me guessing.


  2. I’m glad that you enjoyed this thriller, Bellezza. This title is new to me, but I have been keeping to myself more lately, just focusing on my own reading.


  3. Is that your pen in the picture? I’m a bit of a pen fan, and don’t recognise it (I’m not in any sense an expert, just enthusiastic amateur). Can’t say this book is for me, btw. Would like to join in with Portrait of a Lady next month, but don’t think I’ll have much time for my own reading, as I think I’ve told you…And I am still slowing toiling through Bánffy…very slowly


    1. Ah, interesting that you are continuing with Banffy…I have laid it down for my more leisurely summertime reading; Portrait of a Lady is much briefer, and I so want to have it as background for Banville’s Ms Osmand.

      As for fountain pens, I adore them. They are all I use to write with, but I lost one Mont Blanc and never take my second one out of the house as a consequence. This one is a lovely “every day” pen which comes in an extra fine, fine, medium or broad nib. I fill it from bottles of Japanese ink, of course, 😊 namely Iroshizuku inks made my Pilot. Here is a link to the pen, which is “only” $50.00:


  4. I got this on audio yesterday. Will begin at some point soon. What hooked me was the ‘Rear Window’ comparison. I love the old suspense movies and even if this one isn’t the same, just the thought. And, yes, I’m about done with ‘the girl who did whatever…’. Ha! I’ll second Les’s recommendation of THE DRY. 😉


    1. So it’s a TWISBI? I thought they were all transparent ‘demonstrators’. I’ve toyed with the idea of one, as they come highly recommended. My pen thing started when my wife bought me a Mont Blanc for a big birthday. I’ve since become proud owner of a lovely lacquered Nakaya and more recently a Platinum. No fine Japanese ink, however. Yes, having started the Banffy I thought I’d persevere, though I’m finding it heavy going; all those tongue-twister names. Portrait, on the other hand, is one of my favourite novels – and HJ a favourite author


  5. So glad you liked this one in the end. I loved how we couldn’t tell if what she saw was real or not. Such a fun story! I love how she watches old movies, considering her story is similar to Rear Window 🙂 Great review!!


  6. I haven’t even read Gone Girl. However, there’s a new one to beware: Wife, Mrs., etc. I read The Last Mrs. Parish a couple weeks ago and absolutely hated it – and I rarely hate a book. I do feel the push to piggyback off Gone Girl and Girl on the Train is producing a lot of these subpar “thrillers.” Glad to hear this one isn’t so bad. I was actually mad at myself for continuing The Last Mrs. Parish, but it’s so hard for me to not finish a book!


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