Paris For One by JoJo Moyes, a short story to start the year

Jay at Bibliophilopolis has sponsored a short story event called Deal Me In for several years. I have haphazardly dipped in and out of this challenge because I do not normally read many short stories. Yet, their power is not to be underestimated; in fact, it seems a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon: reading something brief but powerful before the work week starts.

I have begun with a short story from JoJo Moyes’ collection, Paris for One. There are nine stories in this book with the following titles:

  1. Paris For One
  2. Between The Tweets
  3. Love in the Afternoon
  4. A Bird in the Hand
  5. Crocodile Shoes
  6. Holdups
  7. Last Year’s Coat
  8. Thirteen Days with John C
  9. The Christmas List

“Paris for One”, the first story, is about Nell, who unexpectedly ends up in Paris alone after her boyfriend has essentially abandoned her. She is a person who likes to be in control of her life, planning each detail to the smallest minutiae, and so this unexpected event could have thrown her into a panic. But, when she finds two tickets to a sold out performance, she decides to go and abruptly changes the course of her weekend and her life.

This was a simple story, but a charming one, written in JoJo’s inimitable, comfortable style. I will enjoy reading the others in this collection for Jay’s challenge.

And you? Do you have any favorite short stories?

12 thoughts on “Paris For One by JoJo Moyes, a short story to start the year”

  1. I don’t read short stories either and I should. Like you said, they work well when you don’t have a lot of time. And there are a lot of mystery short story collections. You know, I actually have read all the Miss Marple short stories. I forgot about that. Of course, Agatha Christie tales are a big favorite of mine. LOL

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  2. Thank you for this post – it was enough to make me add Paris for One to me TBR list! My favourite short story EVER is The Open Window by Saki. Have you read it? It was assigned reading in high school and I’ve never forgotten it.


    1. I will have to look for the story yoi suggest! I can feel your enthusiasm for it over here. 🙂

      (If you choose to buy Paris For One you can do so by clicking on the link in my post for free shipping and delivery if you would like.)

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  3. I enjoyed this book of short stories – they were light, fun reads. I just finished the new Moyes book in her trilogy about Louisa Clark – have to admit that I think she should have left it with just the one book, Me Before You. Oh well, still a decent read. Enjoy this book 🙂 Oh, and as for short stories – you can’t go wrong with Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies (seriously the best!).


    1. I love Interpreter of Maladies! It is my favorite of all the books she has written. I haven’t read more of Louisa since Me Before You, but I strongly suspect you are right Moyes should have stopped there. Sequels rarely (never?) equal the first one.


  4. Bellezza, I really enjoyed reading Me Before You. While I’m a big fan of short stories, Mel, from The Reading Life, devours them. He often provides links to them on his wonderful book blog, for interested readers.


    1. Sometimes I find her a bit…sappy, but this was just a sweet story which I thoroughly enjoyed after a hectic holiday season. I haven’t read Still Me, another after Me Before You, but maybe I will as I retire.


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