It’s Time To Go Back

Christmas has been put back in the box. Gone are the faerie lights and evergreen boughs, the red ribbons and mercury glass, the candles, the cookies and the creche.

Now there is a small bouquet of fresh white roses in a crystal vase and austerity everywhere I look. It is time to go back to school tomorrow.

I will never have another Christmas Break. I will never go back in the beginning of January to finish a year half done. In May, teaching will go back in the box, never to come out again.

My friends will be sorrowful to be back at work tomorrow. There will be some complainers, who never should have been allowed in a classroom with children in the first place. Others will simply miss their leisurely mornings, sitting with coffee until lunch.  But, I am not one of them.

“I get inspiration from my everyday life.” ~Hayao Miyazake

I am embracing the time I have left. I am going to cherish each child who walks sleepily into the classroom tomorrow having had just a little too much Christmas. We will be eager to see each other, tell stories of the last twelve days, and open our books.

I am ready to resume the routine, anticipating what each new day will bring.

13 thoughts on “It’s Time To Go Back”

  1. Teaching can be a gift or just a simple job. For more and more people, in this time of so many technological devices it’s become a job with its ups and downs. I am sure every student around you knows it is not a job for you, but you should not be sad when it is over, teaching can happen in so many other ways 🙂 Now, back to reading for me, I still have one week of winter holiday, well, almost a week, I am “on duty”at school on Thursday and Friday for 4 hours each day…


  2. Lovely to hear such positivity. Most people feel miserable the first day back. Someone has probably even given the day a name. Relish every moment because these will be treasures for the future.


  3. Love this post, M. Sounds like you are going to treasure these last few months as a teacher and I think that’s awesome. You have so much heart. Happy New Year, my friend. xx


  4. What a lovely & simple reflection. There is a time & season for everything. I love your elegant blooms, and your beautiful thoughts. May your remaining days & months in the classroom bring you many new lessons and moments of connection.


  5. Good attitude to have. Honestly, I was done with my break the middle of last week but I hung on. Today I returned to the office and it wasn’t that bad. Some projects to work on but I am leaving early today to take my daughter to her orthodontist appointment so soon I will be out of here anyway.

    I have a teacher friend who absolutely HATES returning. She says it’s the administration that does it to her but I don’t know. She doesn’t really speak of her students in a good light. She teaches at the middle school level so perhaps there’s something to that.


  6. When I worked in education for 35 yrs (as a speech pathologist) I got so fed up with the whingers and whiners. I always enjoyed going back and did miss it when I moved on to Disability for adults. Life goes by fast enough without complaining about everything. Enjoy your day. Kids always make one laugh.


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