Anticipating Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Coming Soon


I posted this photograph of a most spectacular coffee, enjoyed with my mother in Toronto, in response to #30daysofreadathon on Instagram. Not because it’s banner worthy, such as one I made several years ago, but because coffee will be required to read for 24 hours on October 21.

That’s my husband’s birthday, of course. There will be no 24 hours of reading for me, because my attention will be required elsewhere. In consuming birthday cake, for example, or walking through autumnal leaves with him and our dog, Humphrey. But, when he no longer needs me by his side, for that day at least, I will turn to such a stack of books as I have been hoarding since school began August 28.

The stack is yet to be fully revealed. For now, some of the titles include:

Should you wish to partake in this reading extravaganza, for any amount of time you are able, the sign-ups are here. It has been a time honored event for ten years, one I haven’t missed…ever.

6 thoughts on “Anticipating Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Coming Soon”

  1. I have yet to partake in this reading extravaganza! Each year, it sounds like a lot fun to me, but it’s difficult to carve out enough time for a Read-a-thon.


    1. It absolutely is! My readathon will have to be as many hours as I can stay up on Saturday night, instead of the whole 24 hours. Still, I love the time specifically set aside, as well as all the online events such as mini challenges etc. Maybe you can do some of it, too? All of it is a challwnge.


  2. I’ve only participated a couple of times and I don’t think I’ll be able to join in on the fun this time around. We’re heading out of town with our trailer for another week of adventure and I’m sure I’ll be quite busy provisioning on Saturday. I am very impressed that you’ve done this every single year!!

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