Richard’s Literature of Doom; a spark of hope for my dying interest


Behold the left corner of one of my shelves of Russian literature. It carries on, of course, into my shelves, nook and kindle. I have a deep and abiding affection for those Russians.

So Richard’s announcement of the Argentinian Literature of Doom, also including French and Russian authors, appeals to me intensely. It is just what I need after finishing what I consider to be the three best of the Man Booker list and dragging myself through the final remaining titles. More on that later.

For this particular event, the participants are asked to read one fiction and one nonfiction work of an Argentinian, French or Russian author. I believe there is something to do with being “allowed” to watch a film in those categories, as well. Richard will link up every month to those reviews.

As for me, I will finish the reread of Anna Karenina I began before the Man Booker long list was revealed. And surely I could fit in Volume 1 of The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn, something I’ve long been meaning to read.


I may even have something Argentinian in the wings.


14 thoughts on “Richard’s Literature of Doom; a spark of hope for my dying interest”

  1. I first heard of Traveler of the Century from you, which is what made me pick up a copy. Thanks for the good advice, my friend. It’s been lying around my house unread for too long.


  2. I have just started reading Russian authors. I haven’t read Solzhenitsyn yet, but I did pick up a copy of The Gulag Archipelago a few months ago 🙂


  3. Very glad to have your company for this, Bellezza, and your shelf photo reminds me that my own Russian TBR shelves are growing faster than my shelf space can keep up with. Must sort that out! The fiction/nonfiction thing is just an option, by the way, so please feel free to read whatever attracts your attention. Cheers!


    1. It would be good for me to read more nonfiction than I do; I fall entirely too often into the fictionalized world which can leave me a little too ungrounded. You come up with the best reading events, Richard. Your Spanish Lit Month has broadened my experience immeasurably, and I greatly look forward to this.


    1. I should have been clearer about the dying interest part…the dying interest in blogging in general. I have been a lousy commenter on others’ blogs, and I feel quite a bit of pressure to read what is sent me to review. With the start of teaching, it all becomes rather overwhelming, and I have felt my desire to continue blogging flag.


  4. Ah, but these things will work themselves out. You know how to make your way through the school year. As for the books, read and talk about what you enjoy. You are under no obligation to review something that you don’t like. Not liking the book and choosing not to expound on it is a review in itself. My observation is that blogs are a sort of reader’s choice operation. Who wants to talk about a boring book? It doesn’t reflect you or your personality, and this is your blog.

    P. S .Maybe another lipstick or scent is in order. Or a nice walk or bike ride…..!

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