Missing The Old Days of Blogging, Yet Embracing a New Term Defined by Old Friends

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today, especially after reading Arti‘s post on her ten year anniversary of blogging. The eleventh year of starting my blog came and went in May; I’m not even sure what day it was, exactly, as I’ve deleted my first posts in embarrassment of their poor quality.

I’ve gone from Blogger to WordPress, twice,  and I don’t care what anyone may say about the platform one uses, I feel strongly that one associates the most with those bloggers who are using the same platform.

I used to write more personal posts.

I used to read more popular fiction.

Now I have landed squarely in a world of translated literature which I adore, which enriches my life immeasurably, but…this morning I miss the old days. I miss silly old memes, posting about food, giving a few updates on my life.

Yet Linda, in all her wisdom, suggests that she and Arti (and I’m going to throw myself in with them) have landed in a place of “slow blogging”. There’s a lovely peace here. It means, in my interpretation, a lack of pressure to write posts according to a schedule. A lack of pressure to review what one feels one ought to review, be it film or text or thought. And, perhaps it means a lack of pressure to leave comments on every post you read. Sometimes just visiting, just landing for a moment at an old friend’s blog is enough.

Still, there will always be a special place for you in my heart, my old friends from 2006 and beyond. I’ll be around to visit you, and I’ll leave a few sentences so you know I’ve been there.


17 thoughts on “Missing The Old Days of Blogging, Yet Embracing a New Term Defined by Old Friends

  1. Lovely, and so true. Slow blogging, I like it!
    I remember the memes and quizzes – they are more Facebook now but it was fun blogging them. I completely missed my ten year anniversary. Oh, well – no stress, no pressure, just blogging when I feel like it! Glad you still feel like it now and then.
    ps I always love you classroom posts


  2. How wonderful that you are finding a rhythm that suits you rather than feeling pressured to keep up with others. I w deer of here is a natural rhythm for blogs where we start in a great rush of enthusiasm, post like crazy, comment like never before, join in every meme going. And then a few years (5 seems to be th cut off) hit a wall and wonder what the hell we are doing. So many people who were avid bloggers when i started out six years ago are not active at all which is such a shame. I’d hate for you to give up entirely so if that means slow blogging, I’m happy with that.


  3. So true. I am also in that zen zone of blogging. I don’t review every book I read, or participate in every meme. I no longer hanker after comments or comment on every post I need. I like it!


  4. Oh, do I know what you mean! 11 years here and I’ve only posted 32 times since January (and only three times since the end of February!) I compose posts in my mind and imagine the photos I’d like to share of our journey to Oregon, but the days escape and the blog gathers dust. I do love to blog and I know once I get back in my groove, it will be easier to make time for this part of my life. I miss visiting my favorite blogs and look forward to a time when I can relax with my morning coffee, dropping in on old friends and gathering inspiration and book recommendations.



  5. I’m in the same place. I am approaching my 10th year and I have to say, I don’t mind my “slow blogging” style. I was never one to schedule posts that far ahead or to feel pressured to write each and every day. That was never me, but it certainly will never be me now. I like to write when I feel like it. Plus, I think the readers are busy too. They appreciate checking in once or twice a week and the friendships I’ve made through blogging have outlasted most of my in real life friendships. Mostly, because you can take these friendships anywhere. Doesn’t matter of someone moved away, etc.


  6. parrish lantern

    Great term, the funny thing is when we start blogging we are talking in the dark until we find others to communicate with & with that delight comes a perception of responsibility that is entirely self imposed & that can make what was a joy into something that eats into the reading until ones self inflicted regime comes to destroy what was meant to be a light distraction from work, not work itself. If you can find that nexus point of reading for pleasure & writing with the same intent – enjoy & keep doing so.


  7. Slow blogging is where its at. Or at least where I’m at. I’m happy that you have found a pace that works for you. And I’m really glad that you are still posting 🙂 Love this post and can totally relate – thanks!


  8. A wonderful, thought-provoking posting. I kinda thought it was just me who had slowed down. With me, it is the wonderful grandchildren who have come into my life. My emotional and physical energy go into them now, and I don’t have the time and strength to blog as I want to. Of course, being older may have something to do with it! And also, Tom’s retirement. I write best in solitude which I had for all the years of blogging before 2013. It’s great having him around but there’s a balance I don’t think I’ve quite found yet. I miss my book reports mostly because I can’t look back and read what I was thinking about a book. I’ve never read the ‘popular’ books so never quite found my way into the book blogging community. I ‘know’ more people on blogspot but my association with those on wordpress is just as strong and meaningful. In fact, I really don’t notice where someone blogs from. Mostly I’ve always been a blogger who wrote about my country life, recipes, animals, and books. And I still do, just not as often. I also wonder if Fb hasn’t taken the attention away from blogging. It is so fast and so flash. For me, blogging has always been slow, and it is where my heart is. I am always so happy when I haven’t written for weeks that some old friends (and sometimes new) stop by to leave me a note. I still keep my long bloglist on the sidebar and check in where and when I can. I really like what Ti wrote about her blogging friends have outlasted her real life friendships. And, like raidergirl, I always enjoy the school postings. I don’t get to stop by as often as I think about you, but am happy when I do. I miss your posts about your son. I’ve probably just not seen them over the past few years, but I hope he is happy and doing well.


  9. I love this idea of slow blogging and I’ve definitely been practicing it as well. I used to tell myself I had to get out so many posts, etc. but now I appreciate the breaks. Happy bloggiversary! Such a lovely post and by the way, I’m glad to see all of the posts on world lit!


  10. It’s interesting how much our blogs change and evolve over the years! Your book blog is one of my favorites. It is refined and artistic.

    My book blog was born in May of 2008. I used to post a lot more than I do now, mainly due to time constraints.


  11. I understand what you are saying. I only post when I am in the mood. I usually follow through but not always. I see my blog as bookish and full of personal events and travel. I dont get thousands or even hundreds of followers but I never mind. I do it for myself. It is mine and I do as I like. It loses its fun when pressured and I do have some very loyal friends that stop by regularly. That is enough. After all, blogging is only part of life’s activities. Do drop by when you feel like it. I have always enjoyed what you write and do also.


  12. Thank you, Meredith. I don’t even have it in me to muse about this situation on my blog – not that my reasons are like yours – but I feel some of the same things. In my new era of widowhood so much has changed, and there seem to be more and more things filling my heart and life that are too private for blogging about. Anyway, I appreciate what I see as your encouragement here.


  13. This is a wonderful post, and slow blogging seems to suit me, too. My girls are all young adults now and mostly on their own, retirement is looming, yet life is so full… no time or energy for full book reviews and fun memes. Yet I still cherish time with my oldest and dearest blogging friends. Did you know you were my very first ‘follower’ when I began back in 2008?

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  14. Mjh

    Really love this blog, and all the comments. I like reading and watching how you and your reading and life choices grow. ..being true to your own inner purposes is a life long challenge. I am enormously grateful that our lives allow us to weave our selves into dimensions that continually surprise us and enrich our relationship. mjh


  15. The Reading Life

    Beautiful post. We have seen many blogs come and go. I like to imagine young bloggers being able to look back on fifty years of posts.


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