The Goldilocks of Lipsticks

As I wait with bated breath for the announcement of the Man Booker International Prize short list, which will be announced in London tonight, I thought it would be a good time to post on a perfect new lipstick.

It’s not too bright, it’s not too dark.

It’s not too orange, it’s not too pink.

It’s not too shiny, it’s not too dry.

If you’re looking for a great shade for Spring, at a great price, Clinique’s Graffiti Pop is just right.


8 thoughts on “The Goldilocks of Lipsticks”

  1. I bought one of those but in fuchsia. It’s called Wow Pop. They are wonderful lipsticks. I hadn’t seen your shade. I think I’d love it too. I’ll have to have a look.
    You know I love your lipstick posts, right? One day, I’ll do one too.

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  2. Bless you, Caroline. Sometimes I feel they are too trite to write about, and yet…I have such a passion for lipstick and perfume! Thank you for feeling the love, too. Wow Pop is a pretty color, but a little on the ‘cool’ side for me. With the way my hair is turning blonde-ish, I have to stick to a warmer color. Graffiti Pop is truly a perfect color, and you probably know how hard those are to find! xo


    1. It’s such a great color without being too intense. And the names are fun! I miss the sterling silver cases of their classic lipsticks, but the texture and shades of the Pop line are fabulous.


    1. I’m not familiar with Blush Pop. I bought Beige Pop last Spring, but it is so light I tossed it this Spring.

      I am such a fan of Clinique care! I’ve used (mostly) Clinique since I was 17, and I must say I’m pleased with my skin. Not trying to brag, I hope you understand. 🙂


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