In Which I Revisit Acetamine Codeine


At our house, the Easter Bunny has been delivering things that are not traditional. Or, crunchy. I have four ice packs on rotation, and a lovely bottle of pain killers, for a rear molar which was yanked on Friday.

“Not yanked,” said my oral surgeon who once was a Marine. “Gently extracted.”

Be that as it may, my neck is swollen, my eyes are swollen, and my jaw throbs. My son teases me about my favorite lipstick shade. “Are you wearing ‘Cherries in the Hole?’ ” he asked, (rather than Cherries in the Snow in case you’re not familiar with the famous Revlon lippie.)

So I decided it was time for a personal whining post instead of a Man Booker long list review, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.


But, my beautiful niece has come up from Florida to visit the family, and that is a welcome event. We had lunch together as a family yesterday, such as I could swallow, and hugs are ever welcome.

And I messed around with my blog layout, trying this Spun theme, which has advantages and disadvantages like everything. Perhaps I’ll keep it, perhaps I’ll return to the reclining woman of whom I am so fond.

The books surrounding me are a great comfort.  I am completely absorbed by each Man Booker, and last night I reached for an old favorite, Anna Karenina, on my new nook. So, I’ll spend one more day in a codeine haze, and then off to teach the children tomorrow.

I miss dear Siddarth, who every time I call on him when he raises his hand says, “I got two stuff.” And the class groans because he does indeed always have two things to say.

10 thoughts on “In Which I Revisit Acetamine Codeine”

    1. Thanks for your compliment, Jeanne; I felt better yesterday than today, and hopefully will return to better health tomorrow when I have to teach again.


  1. I like how the circles colorize when you mouse over them. Pretty cool. Wishing you a swift recovery from your extraction reaction and Happy Easter to you and your family.


    1. There are some lovely things about this theme, and the circles turning to color is one of them. I also like the simplicity, even though one can’t readily ascertain the post titles. Thanks for your comment and good wishes, this is a lovely time of year with Spring and all the hope Easter brings.


  2. Today, I had a heck of a time figuring out how to comment. There was no comment field just a bubble with a number in it. I clicked on it and voila! Anyway, I hope you are feeling better by now. A rear molar extraction really shouldn’t cause that much swelling.


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