Not As Simple a Christmas As Planned, but Lovely Nonetheless

The house was prepared for Christmas early this year, on Thanksgiving weekend in fact, when I usually wait until after my son’s birthday on December 7. I’d hoped for simplicity, but somehow that always escapes me; a balsam tree with only twinkling fairy lights became a full blown event as bins were drawn out of the basement crawl space by my husband ad infinitum.

However, now that each event (a concert at Wheaton College, a family party, a Secret Santa book exchange) is ticked off the calendar, I find myself quite filled with joy. There is no time to read, of course, and probably won’t be until December 26, but it is better to focus on the moment at hand rather than rush past them toward the ones to come.

I wish you could be with me at school. You can’t imagine the excitement that 29 third graders produce the week before Christmas. We will read The Jolly Christmas Postman, What Do Snowmen Do At Night?, and are currently devouring The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Every day after lunch they clamor, “Read one more chapter!” It is my favorite refrain.

Just as C. S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors. I am anticipating reading much more of his work this year, as a dear friend has invited me to the C. S. Lewis Reading Group she attends at Wheaton College every Saturday. They focus on him, and the authors who influenced him, such as J. R. R. Tolkien, and G. K. Chesterton. So, I will be posting about those discussions, and authors, a lot more in January.


Until then, may your days be bright. May Christmas stars shine on you and fill you with peace.


10 thoughts on “Not As Simple a Christmas As Planned, but Lovely Nonetheless”

  1. I ended up only putting some of the decorations up in the end. We don’t have people over a lot, so it is mostly for us and I just went with the minimum. The kitten in the Christmas tree several times a day may have been why. lol

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  2. Love your decorations! And how fun that they are excited by Christmas and the books you are reading with them 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and yours!! xoxo


  3. Have a lovely Christmas and a break from School. Loved your photos. It is summer here, not dark until 10, Temperature in 70’s and 80’s. We don’t see a lot of decorations. We don’t put up a tree bc we have three cats in the house, two of them under the age of 3. You can imagine what a tree would look like. They would all be in. Several years ago we put up a tree and during the night we heard a crinkling sound. Our little dog Bluey had sneaked under the tree, smelled out the gifts from the pet store and was quietly tearing them open to see what was inside. We got up, not being able to imagine what the sound was and when we turned on the light, there he lay, guilt ridden, opening his two little packages. It was very funny and also very lovely. We never forgot that Christmas and he has now been gone about 12 years. Happy Christmas and all the best for the new year.

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  4. Merry Christmas to you, your loved ones and all your third graders! Hope this season brings joy, fun and of course BOOKS! I love the refrain too! Love the books you have planned for your students!


  5. It’s great to hear about your students’ love for Narnia tales! Reading to a class of third-graders good literature that they enjoy sounds to me almost like the ideal teaching experience! The ideal for me would be reading to my own children at home, but having the power to nourish a whole classroom of souls must be very rewarding!

    Did we already find out that our sons were born on the same day? We also used to wait to decorate and start in on Christmas things until after our older son’s birthday – until he was married and gone, after which point we let him be responsible for holding back the tide, which he did for a time.

    If you had to have a complicated Christmas it’s good you could get the decorations up so nice and early! I wish I had done that. I am having to do so many things here at the last hour. So why am I sitting here typing? Why, so I can not be in a hurry wishing you a Merry Christmas! God is with us!


  6. “Read one more chapter!” must be music to your ears! Your decorations look lovely and I’m sure you had a beautiful Christmas. I only put up a couple of wreaths and a few little decorations since we were traveling on Christmas day. Now I’m sitting in my mother’s cozy house in the Oregon woods, enjoying the silence while everyone else is asleep. I have nothing planned for the day other than a walk along the bluff, reading and making crab cakes for our light dinner tonight.


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