I Was Made for Another World




I took these pictures on a walk last night, and while they are dark (it was past dusk after all), they put me in mind of Narnia.

Snow has a way of making me think of that magical place, especially when it covers the evergreens.

And Narnia makes me think of its author, whose writing always makes me pause. Especially when I consider this most magnificent quote I read for the first time yesterday:

If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world. ~C. S. Lewis

33 thoughts on “I Was Made for Another World”

  1. Can I join you? I’m beginning to feel that this is not the world I was looking for.

    By the way, I love, love, love these images! We had snow, as well, but the only photos I shot were from my warm, cozy kitchen.



    1. I am convinced this world is not our home. As for the pictures, my husband urged me to post them when I was dissatisfied with the lack of perfect clarity. But, he reminded me it was still snowing outside, and we both liked the ephemeral quality, so here they are. Thank you for looking with a friend’s eyes.

      Did you not get outside? I thought I saw Annie on facebook in the snow, but maybe that was Saturday. xo


  2. The photos are beautiful, and certainly evoke a little snow envy in my heart. On the other hand, we’re headed for true cold weather later this week. Today, I shivered in 50 degrees. I’m either getting more southern, or old.

    I think too much clarity would have eliminated much of the magic of the photos. Sometimes, that happens with life, too.


    1. Shivering at 50 degrees means you would be one of those who do not like Chicago weather! Isn’t it interesting what we get used to?

      As so often happens with your comments and posts, you unearth a new angle; indeed, too much clarity is not beneficial to magic. Or, life. I am often relieved that I don’t know fully what lies before me. How would I find the courage? It is better to walk by faith, not sight.

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    1. I wish you and Oliver were walking with my husband, Humphrey (our English cream Labrador), and I. The dogs would have a terrific romp in the snow, or maybe Oliver would just prefer to snooze cozily in your arms. Safe in his place next to your heart.


    1. I remember the years when I longed for snow for Christmas, and this year it came so early! December 4 and we were covered. It’/ helped add to the Christmas mood for me.


  3. Your pictures are so beautiful. I live in southern Florida, and the temperature is always in the 70’s. I know it’s winter when the Cypress leaves turn brown. I also am created for another world. This is just my temporary beautiful world.


    1. Ah, Donna, you picked up what I meant.

      One year we celebrated Christmas in Florida and it was so weird to me! Green and red coconuts, dolphins strung with lights. Even the turkey dinner seemed it should have been seafood instead. But, of course we can celebrate Him where ever we are.


    1. I think it’s good we don’t see or know everything. I would spend too much time in anticipation (and that perhaps not always hopeful, but fearful as my human side permits).


    1. Arti, now I am late responding to your comment, but not to linking your review of Silence (or of commenting on it). So glad you read for the JlC 10, and with your usual wisdom and insight.


      1. Yes, Bellezza, thanks for the prompt linking. Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of Silence will come out Christmas week. But not sure if it will come to my city though. It has been shown to critics, with high acclaims. Premiered at the Vatican. Wonder what’s the reception there.

        Have a Merry, Blessed Christmas!


  4. Beautifully said. And I’m glad you posted the photos.. its true, clarity can blur magic, but magic brings clarity. Ps.. your snow filled world is very different from my aussie summer! I love that we can share those experiences with each other.


  5. These are beautiful. They remind me of the long exposure photography I used to do back when we still had film in our cameras. They seem too ominous for Naria, to me, though. I always think of Narnia’s winter as a long dusk. These look post dusk to me.


    1. It’s interesting that you suggested the idea of looking ominous…perhaps the influence of the White Witch in Narnia? But of course Aslan brings light, and that makes everything good again. I’ve never had a photography class, and don’t even know about long exposure, but thank you for connecting that for me.


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