Thinking About These Days Following The Election

Out on the playground are children of every kind: the timid ones, the athletic ones, the popular ones, and the bullies. Most of the time they are able to play together nicely. But sometimes there is anger and hitting and name calling and tears. Hurt feelings arise to such an extent that they need an adult to intervene.

What surprises me is that no matter how large or strong or brave a child seems, underneath he only wants one thing: to be loved and accepted. When I have heard each side of an argument, let each child speak from his perspective without being interrupted, I can usually alleviate the woe between them. I can bring them to a mutual understanding of one another.

I wish I could do that in a much larger sense, in terms of comforting the masses. The anger and the pain I’ve read on Facebook and Twitter has made me want to delete my accounts and hide. As if hiding helps anything.

What I see is an enormous wound, people who feel misunderstood. Unappreciated. Scared. If only there was a salve that could be applied, a balm of healing or hope. I know that it is too simplistic to say let’s love one another. That feels like a Coke commercial from the 60’s, a black and white montage of teenagers singing about peace.

But, a divided house cannot stand. And we are one nation, indivisible. For that reason, I will not involve myself in judgement or blame. I will not believe that one group of people won and another group of people lost. I will believe, in my own trusting way, that we are  a nation of people who ultimately love one another and that love is capable of covering a multitude of sins. It is the only stream from which I will drink.

23 thoughts on “Thinking About These Days Following The Election

    1. Thank you, Pam, because while I’m sure some must think this post is milque toast, it is truly how I feel: that love conquers all. Hate and destruction and anger will get us no where, which I think you see as well.


  1. That s probably a more considered strategy than my own idea of building a wall around me and pretending this isn’t happening. But I can’t because every day I get confronted with the reality. Plus I want to understand how we got to this situation where people feel the government establishment is not working for them and what the future holds. America is too big an influence on the world stage for ame to ignore what happens, I fear thet the new elected leader of the free world has stirred up feelings thet wil escalate before they get better.


    1. My initial thought was to build a wall around myself as well. The poison being spewed on the news and social media was abhorrent and upsetting. But a wise woman said to me that I must be a spark of light, and that is where my attitude turned. If everyone is dark, there will be no light whatsoever, and how could any of us endure that?

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  2. I feel our President to be brought to light ugly truth which layed in the shadows, but allowed people to bypass them, and be civil towards one another even if our believes were different. They aren’t in the shadows any longer, this creates an uneasy truth between people. This makes me very sad.


    1. There have always been shadows of prejudice and judgement, and I can’t say if he brought those to light or not. I think people were very tired of politicians that they didn’t feel they could trust, who wielded power for their own benefit rather than the people they were to serve. It will be interesting to see how Trump serves the American people. I hope, at the very least, that he will being back the economy and the strength that America once had.

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  3. parrish lantern

    What is happening to your nation is similar to what happened here where the rhetoric bluster allowed certain buried sentiments consent to approach the light to believe that it was okay because you were hurting to lash out & find blame instead of common ground. A great writer once said “Love is the engine of survival’ & though in itself it’s just a great line its ramifications run deep.

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    1. I don’t think there was rhetoric bluster or buried consents as much as people being very tired of the way things had been going for eight years. Did Obama help the Black lives feel appreciated and understood? Certainly not in my home city of Chicago, where murders and violence are stronger than they have ever been. I would think that if anyone could help the Black people have a voice, and peace, it would be a Black president. But, I digress. As a people we look to government for solution to our issues, and that for me is the inherent problem. I don’t have much faith in government. Your quote is quite powerful, and I’d like to think it mimics my sentiment about love covering it all.

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  4. If we believe that there is a higher plan and we are here to learn, and sometimes what we have to learn is no easy, then things happen as they should 🙂 There has been so much debate in Romania about who and ehy won the elections in the US that it only proves we are more concerned with what happens in my neighbour’s yard than in mine, because if things were different I may have to move from words to deeds. Also, being close to bullying Russia makes fear and panic worse…

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    1. Oh Ally, exactly! I love what you said about there being a higher plan, and discovering what it is we have to learn. As for being in Romania, with Russia quite close and fearsome, I can certainly understand the fear and panic growing.

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  5. mf4strings

    Well said. I am one of those who pulled out of Facebook about a month before the election as the racist, sexist, xenophobic crap that was showing up in my FB feed, despite numerous attempts to block it, was so discouraging. For now, I am quite happy to escape into my world of great literature, music and cinema.

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    1. You were so smart to pull out of Facebook even before all the drama started. There are no earthly escapes quite as healing as literature, music and cinema; a wonderful world in which to dwell. What are you reading now?

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      1. mf4strings

        Right now, I am about 2/3rds through Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment”. First time reading this one for me and it took me awhile to warm up to it but now I am fully engaged. Also reading a sci-fi novel called “Spin” by Robert Charles Wilson which I probably finish later on today. Take care.

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        1. I love Russian literature! Crime and Punishment isn’t my favorite of Dostoevsky’s, but at least it’s short(er) than The Brother’s Karamazov. Which I should reread this winter. Thanks for responding to my question. 🙂


  6. “I will believe, in my own trusting way, that we are a nation of people who ultimately love one another and that love is capable of covering a multitude of sins. It is the only stream from which I will drink.”.


  7. While a long way from it all unfolding, this past few weeks and months, its been in our media and while it seems the majority of my circles cant believe what happened, we are not immune to the knowledge of how many Americans have been hurting over the past few years too. Shine a light of hope, help things move on. Continue to support and teach young people the values of hope. You can do that.


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