The Trespasser by Tana French


It starts slowly, and continues that way, almost painfully so. But then, as only Tana French knows how to do, you are suddenly caught up into dialogue and characterization that is so compelling you must continue to the end.

Is beautiful, Barbie-like Aislinn killed by a random stalker? By her date, Rory, for whom she is preparing dinner? Or, by a detective from within the police force itself? What matters, perhaps, is not who committed the murder as much as how we get there.

I am caught up in the thought process of Antoinette Conway and Steve Moran, sweating it out in the interrogation room, feeling Antoinette’s isolation and insecurity not quite covered up by the bravado with which she likes to cloak herself.  I search my life for the likes of Steve, her trusted partner and dependable colleague, and find that I, too, am not entirely alone even when I feel that way acutely.

I like the power of Tana French’s novels; they are never contrived, or trite, but look beyond the mystery to the core of each character. Who seem so very real to me.


9 thoughts on “The Trespasser by Tana French”

    1. At first, unlike all my reading friends, I didn’t like her work. But then when I tried again after several years I was smitten. She is quite a powerful writer, I think, able to portray the detectives spot on.


    1. I know! My friend at school and I have been longing for this since it was announced over the summer.

      Went looking for your blog again, and I see you haven’t posted since April 2015 unless you’re somewhere else that I don’t know. It’s nice to hear from you!


  1. I started this one, but called it quits before I hit the halfway mark. After previous disappointments (The Secret Place and Broken Harbor), I wonder if I’ll be happy with anything else French publishes. Her earlier works were so much more captivating while her recent releases are slow and plodding. I’m glad you found it worthy of your time.


    1. I can see why you called it quits, as the beginning (first half) was rather tedious, and I tired of her (Conway’s) self deprecation. But it played a part in the overall story, and I can see why French created such a “flaw” in her heroine.

      It’s interesting that you didn’t like The Secret Place, which is my favorite of all French has written. When do we disagree! 😉


  2. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every one of French’s novels. I love the way the characters move from major characters to secondary characters and back again in each book. I can’t wait for The Trespasser!


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