How to Travel Without Seeing: Diapatches from the New Latin America, the latest novel by Andres Neuman

Only yesterday, How To Travel Without Seeing: Dispatches from the New Latin America by Andres Neuman was published.

You may recognize the author’s name from this book,


Traveler of the Century, which was the winner of the Alfaguara Prize, a prestigious prize in Spain.

But, How to Travel Without Seeing: Dispatches from the New Latin America is the first work of nonfiction by Andrés Neuman, called “a kaleidoscopic, fast-paced tour of life, literature, and politics in Latin America.” (Restless Books)

A blurb from the back:

“Lamenting not having more time to get to know each of the nineteen countries he visits after winning the prestigious Premio Alfaguara, Andres Neuman begins to suspect that world travel consists mostly of “not seeing.” But then he realizes that the fleeting nature of his trip provides him with a unique opportunity: touring and comparing every country of Latin America in a single stroke. Neuman writes on the move, generating a kinetic work that is at once puckish and poetic, aphoristic and brimming with curiosity. Even so-called non-places-airports, hotels, taxis- are turned into powerful symbols full of meaning. A dual Argentine-Spanish citizen, he inclusively explores cultural identity and nationality, immigration and globalization, history and language, and turbulent current events. Above all, Neuman investigates the artistic lifeblood of Latin America, tackling with gusto not only literary heavyweights such as Bolano, Vargas, Llosa, Lorca, and Galeano, but also an emerging generation of authors and filmmakers whose impact is now making ripples worldwide.

Eye-opening and charmingly offbeat, How to Travel Without Seeing: Dispatches from the New Latin America is essential reading for anyone interested in the past, present, and future of the Americas.”

It is a book I am anxious to read myself, after completing the Man Booker long list this autumn.





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