Back to School in a few Minutes


Here is the reading corner where I’ll begin with a focus on the irreverent and wonderful Roald Dahl.


A present from my friend, Carol, which is a ruler in gold, and my Japanese pencil cup. Which I think might be a vase.


A banner of felt apples my husband bought me, above a Welcome Back sign in sheet. My favorite? “See you in church!”


A Starbucks card from my parents, fully loaded!, in my Midori Traveler’s Notebook page for the day. (More on that later, love this system! Now I’m off to greet the children. Woot woot!)

14 thoughts on “Back to School in a few Minutes”

  1. M, I hope you have a wonderful first day at school! I love the reading corner you’ve made 🙂 And what a great gift from your parents – caffeine to fuel your days. By the by, I’ve heard so much about Midori traveler notebooks – I need to look into getting one.


  2. Love this. What grade do you teach. My son currently teaches grade 5, and loves to read Roald Dahl. Oh and I have an American friend who is a teacher and she loves being given Starbucks gift cards!

    Have a great year. I’m sure you will with your positive attitude.


  3. M, I simply love this post! 🙂 The book has arrived in Cluj, thank you so very much, but I will probably get it in late September or October. As for school here, I still have one week of holiday and then one week of paper work and then, we are on! Wishing you all the best for this ‘new year’, A~


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