Mailbox Monday: Letter Writers Alliance


If anything, the past ten years spent in a digital world has made me long for a return to more things analog. Although blogging about books has enriched me immeasurably, both with the people and the literature it has brought to my life, I will always most appreciate the feel of a book: the scent of its binding, the whisper of its pages turned, the handwritten notes in the margin, the underlined passages. The convenience of a kindle, and the illumination of the nook’s screen, do not make up entirely for the weight of a novel in my hands.

And so it is with writing. Is there any email that can replace a handwritten letter? The handwriting is an extension of the sender; the personality, the mood, the sentiment is all conveyed so seamlessly on the smooth page. I love to consider handwriting, for I feel it reveals so much when I look at the size, the slant, the formation of the lower loops. Long  have I studied handwriting analysis; longer still have I taught cursive to my class, one of the few teachers in our elementary building who continues to do so.


So it thrilled me to come across the Letter Writers Alliance based in my very own city of Chicago. For a mere $5.00 you can become a member, thereby gaining access to the member’s shop, but more importantly, a pen pal of your own.


Once you have applied to become a member you must actually wait until your letter arrives, which includes a membership card with your own ID number, as well as a username and password for the site.


Then you can enter your number into a very brief questionnaire which will help the organizers make a match for you.

I am awaiting the name and address of the person to whom I will write, but I had to share this alliance with you in case you feel as I do: the need to be more like a person, and less like a machine, through the time honored tradition of the handwritten letter.

12 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday: Letter Writers Alliance”

  1. Sounds like fun! Enjoy writing to your new pen pal 🙂 I had one in middle school and we wrote to one another up til grad school. It was such a fun experience and I still have her letters. I remember how fun it was to get one in the mail.


  2. Welcome to the world of snail mail correspondence! I discovered it already twenty years ago and saw many pen pals coming and going in this time… but I managed to build a few very precious and lasting friendships too. Unfortunately, there are ever less still willing to take the time to indulge in the real thing. I lost quite some interesting pals to e-mail etc.


  3. I still keep in contact with a pen pal from SD that I had since I was 12, although now we only correspond once a year around Christmas. Enjoy your paper friendships.


  4. What a great idea. I can’t remember the last time I got an actual written letter in my mailbox. It’s sad to think cursive writing will soon be a foreign language to many young people. I know a lot them are no longer learning it in school.


  5. Very cool idea. I must admit that my cursive handwriting which, being left-handed, has always been rather slow and never a thing of beauty, has suffered over the years. I cringe each time I need to write a check for a copay and, lately, have resorted to printing everything but the signature. Good luck with your new correspondent and do let us know how it goes.


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