Lost Ocean: 36 Postcards To Color and Send by Johanna Basford



While I was in the midst of reading Frankenstein by our picture window, the UPS truck came with a special delivery of this book: Johanna Basford’s Lost Ocean postcards.


I could not help but open it immediately, sighing at the beautiful cover, which opens to reveal a picture on the inside of each front and back, with the postcards bound and nestled so charmingly inside.

Each card is of heavy card stock, perfect for coloring with any media you choose, and sending, or saving, or gifting, as you see fit.

You may remember how I’ve enjoyed the larger pictures from the Lost Ocean coloring book, but these are just as charming, and perhaps all the more do-able for their miniature size.

I can’t recommend them enough, both the Lost Ocean and the 36 postcards edition; what lovely, lovely books to while away the time when one needs some mental restoration.  Like this summer.


Lost Ocean postcards were published May 31, 2016.

11 thoughts on “Lost Ocean: 36 Postcards To Color and Send by Johanna Basford”

      1. I got it from bookdepository.com, it’s by Nick Suels, and on the cover you have sunset in Venice, some blue gondolas and Madonna della Salutte in the background 🙂


        1. I went to the site and saw it, and also the one he published on Venetian masks. Oh, dear! More beautiful things to see and do! 😉 Thank you for the information. xo


    1. I don’t consider that an problem, Jonathan, as I know exactly what you mean. Being a person who prefers minimal vs. overly wrought, I like the black and white too, especially when compared to those pictures which have been colored poorly. These would make beautiful bookmarks, for one thing, all by themselves, unadorned.


  1. I love these detailed drawings, Bellezza! They are simply gorgeous, in black and white or in color.
    Have a wonderful weekend! I have finally posted on my blog (photos), after a long break.


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