My Origami Station at School Last Night

At school I am often called the Origami Queen, simply because I know how to fold a few objects which have given the children joy.

Two nights ago, I folded a Ninja star, a crane, a boat, a box with a divider and lid, and a water bomb to give away as prizes after my demonstration at the Multicultural Fair. I taught, repeatedly, how to fold a jumping frog to small groups who came to my table.

Fathers reached across me for paper when I asked them to wait until the next set of instructions began. (You can’t teach a multi-step process at varying starting places to a small group of children no matter how smart their parents are.) One father came back to tell me that when his son won (the raffle) he wanted the third prize.

Ten minutes into the demonstration, all the jumping frogs I had folded to show the children were missing.

I came home exhausted.

But, this morning while sorting though the slips of paper that were entries into the raffle, I found this:


It’s funny how one small thank you can change my whole outlook. Thank you, Phoenix, for grace.


7 thoughts on “My Origami Station at School Last Night”

  1. I hear you! Sometimes I want to remind my customers of the simple courtesies that go a long way to make most people happy and eager to help: Please Thank you. Excuse me.

    By the way, I can’t wait to make those ginger cookies. Thanks so much for the recipe!!


    1. So I’m sure you can imagine that I have to teach my children to say, “Yes, please” and “No, thank you” when I ask if they wish their lunch cards. It’s a long way to go from, “Huh?” which is how we begin each year. Now I just have to teach their parents! If you’d like, I’ll come hold sessions at Barnes and Noble.

      You’re so welcome for the ginger cookie recipe! It’s a good one. Have you seen my tummy? 🙂


    1. How right you are, but I’m bringing her a special jar of stars tomorrow. No good deed goes unnoticed and all that…yet, you’re right. Who ever taught me something fun at school? Let me think.


  2. I was so surprised to see such a variety of jumping frogs on youtube — and to see that they really jump. I managed an origami heart once, following your instructions, but I have a feeling the frogs are beyond me. No matter. I love that you’re teaching the children to make them.


    1. Trust you to find videos of jumping frogs! I should have embedded one here if I knew how. They really do jump, and they’re quite easy to make. I used to do a Math lesson with them, where the children recorded how many times they could jump a frog into a cup out of ten tries, and then they would write the fraction and percent. It was so fun, at least for me. 🙂

      Wish we could fold one together. xo

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