10 thoughts on “A Day Off Of School, A Day To Walk In The Park”

  1. Put a mustache on your husband, add some brown and black fur to your pup, and I swear these photos could be on my phone! Your park is SO much like the bike trail near my house! Honestly, we could be neighbors. It looks so darned familiar and I’ve never been to Chicago. I hope you had a lovely day off from school. B&N was bustling with lots of youngsters and their parents and I’m so thankful for a nice glass of red wine to go with my salmon, rice and salad. Cheers, dear friend!


    1. I’ve noticed the same thing when you post your lovely pictures: our bike trails are practically one and the same. I said “park” as Park is part of the official name, but really it’s just a trail along the river across the street from our house. Aren’t we lucky girls, to have such a nice place to walk with our dogs and husbands?!

      I’m sure Barnes and Noble was insane today. Except for our walk, I stayed inside reading today, knowing that I’ll be seeing all the children tomorrow! 😉

      Glad you had such a nice supper with a glass of red. That should help settle you in for the night. xo


  2. I’d forgotten about your dog. Didn’t you get him as a baby — or at least, a young one? I can’t remember, at all. In any case, he’s quite handsome (husband, too) and the winter scenes are so beautiful. That looks to me like a perfect snow: snow on a human scale, if you will.

    I’m glad you had such a nice day away from school. Here, the classes went on as usual, and businesses, too, for the most part, but I didn’t hear any complaints.


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