Une Joyeux Anniversaire

We make it a tradition to celebrate our birthdays long and hard, my mother and I. Back to back days at the end of January, mine is today, and hers is tomorrow.

There’s always lots of cake…


But this year, to honor a milestone birthday for her, I folded origami cranes of handmade Japanese paper.


I must admit to feeling some pleasure at how they turned out.


As for me, I am abundantly blessed with Facebook messages, real cards, and bountiful presents such as these from Lesley:


and these from my parents; the bear claw pattern, symbolizing inner strength from which I feel I’ve had to draw this year due to various challenges such as illness and worry. Which I’m trying to avoid.


And from my husband, in an effort to find what I once saw in Paris, this beautiful scarf:


Not every year can be so special, but I am savoring this one that is, taking nothing for granted.


25 thoughts on “Une Joyeux Anniversaire”

  1. Yet another thing we have in common! My birthday is just three days after my daughter’s. If only she lived close enough to celebrate as you and your mum do. I love the cranes and think I would be more than pleased if I could fold just one as nicely as you have. I hope you enjoy the book and chocolate and I hope you had a beautiful day. Get ready! Snow is coming next week!! 😉


  2. What a lovely idea to make those cranes. That investment of time shows you love your mum far more this if you’d simply gone and bought her presents.. Happy birthday to you both.


  3. Happy birthday, and have a healthy, and peaceful year ahead, Meredith! I love the cranes. So beautiful. 🙂

    I also love the books that you have received. ‘Beloved Dogs’ has been in my TBR for so long. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on that.


  4. Happy Birthday!! Oh how lovely, I share the day with your mother, mine is today and I love waking up to all the messages from friends and family in New Zealand, they are 12 hours ahead of us, so overnight the messages stream forth 🙂 I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, how lovely that this year your birthdays fell on a Saturday and Sunday. Happy Reading and I hope this year is everything you wish it to be.


  5. What a beautiful way to celebrate together. Gorgeous books and a lovely French like scarf from hubby too. How lucky! Hope the rest of your week was special also.


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