Looking Ahead to 2016


I’m not the sort of girl who plans her reading far in advance. In most things, I’m quite organized. Well prepared for life’s eventualities. When it comes to reading, however, which is one of my greatest joys, I like to be open to possibility. I like to grab what I want, when I want, and not turn my joy into a job.

Yet there are a few plans in the works, especially since visiting a few wonderful bloggers last night.

You know about the Two Serious Ladies read-along this January with Scott, Frances and Dorian (so far, please consider joining us). But, the list of read-alongs in which I want to partake is now considerably larger:


Frankenstein with Frances on June 16, 2016, will be a reread for me, but I’m looking forward to it with others…

La Regenta

La Regenta with Tom in July, 2016…

Penguin The Guermantes Way

The Guermantes Way, Volume 3 of Remembrance of Things Past, with Arti and Stefanie to take place during all of 2016…

and a few of my own choices, any of which you’re welcome to join me in reading:

They Were Counted

They Were Counted by Miklos Banffy…


Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, who was born 200 years ago on April 21, 1816. (Also, I want to reread this book before I read two upcoming releases coming to me from their publishers: Jane Steele and The Madwoman Upstairsboth to be published in March.)

That’s about as planned as I want to be right now, but as usual, I welcome any input, any suggestions, and any fellow readers. Such promising books await.

45 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to 2016”

  1. Frankenstein looks like a possibility for me. Need to see what I am doing for my book clubs though closer to the date. Also like the look of those classic Penguins. So many I teresting books in that while series. It would be fun to do another shared reading group. Good luck with all of them.


    1. Hope you can squeeze in Frankenstein with us…I remember being strangely moved, rather than horrified, by the monster when I first read it a few years ago.

      Aren’t the Penguin Classic covers gorgeous?! I have the books on my kindle or nook, which somehow doesn’t feel quite the same. And, there’s no scent to the printed page which is a shame.


  2. All right, now there’s some books! The Guermantes Way is the perfect book to read in company. A little extra motivation will not hurt. I assume the same is the case for La Regenta. I am eager to read it, but it’s a beast.


    1. I have read the first two volumes of Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past with these two ladies, but we got s little bogged down in the third. Arti suggested carrying on, which seems a fine idea to pick up again. But really, sometimes I think Proust makes Trollope look like he’s racing through a story.

      The more I read about La Regenta last night, the more eager I was to begin reading it. Love a beast of a book! Love that it has been compared to Anna Karenina, one of my favorite books ever. A brilliant idea for a read along, Tom.


      1. I have had ‘La Regenta’ (in Swedish though) on my TBR shelves forever! Maybe I should try to finish it this year. It do look like a ‘beast’, but who dares win!
        Jane Eyre is of course wonderful and suitable to read on the bicentenary of her birth. We will celebrate her here in Brussels with the ‘Brussels Brontë Group’. Looking forward to that.
        Good luck with your reading for 2016.


  3. Bellezza, you have an ambitious plan here for read-alongs! I might join in to read The Guermantes Way, Volume 3 of Remembrance of Things Past;I may already have it on my shelf, an older, worn edition from my college days.


    1. I’d love it if you’d pick up your edition of The Guermantes Way with us! I have it on audio, and was listening to it on the drive to work, but I think this second time around I’ll read it instead. It’s hard to underline passages en route. 😉


  4. That’s an interesting selection of books, Bellezza. Funnily enough, I’ve been reading Miklos Banffy’s trilogy, and it absolutely wonderful – I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it!


    1. How fun that you’re reading his trilogy! I’ve been wanting to read it since Arcadia sent me the first, and I can’t understand why I haven’t. I guess I let something come before it, like the IFFP long list or whatever else lands over here. But, I’ve heard such wonderful things about it, and it’s good to know that there are two more after the first.

      (I also need to finish the last two of the Ferrante series…another set which has been interrupted.)


    1. Happy New Year, Gary! I love the bicycle/endurance pics you’ve been posting as I chance upon them in facebook. Somehow, I’m not very good with either facebook or twitter, it’s a hit or miss kind of thing for me. xo


    1. La Regenta looks especially enticing to me, especially as parallels have been drawn between it and Anna Karenina which I adore. I’ve never even heard of it before Tom mentioned it, so I’m all the more eager to discover this familiar-to-everyone-else novel. I hope you can find your copy by July. 😉


  5. Yay for pics of bookshelves! 🙂
    I wish you luck with all your reading plans. I read Frankenstein for the first time 2 years ago and I’m sure I’ll read it again at some point.
    I like the sound of The Madwoman Upstairs. It sounds really intriguing.


    1. I think two years ago was the first time I read Frankenstein as well, maybe longer ago than that. I read it in October for a ghoulish kind of read, but really, it was so sad to me. I think it’s a lot more than a monster/horror story as it has become known. I’m intrigued by The Madwoman Upstairs, too. I hope it arrives on my doorstep soon.


  6. M, I know what you mean. Making plans when it comes to reading does seem to make it more of a job, However, this year I am feeling excited about reading plans. There are just so many great bookish plans being made that I want to be part of. Like Andi, I plan on reading my own damn books (I have too many sitting unread on my shelves to keep ignoring). I replied to the post Frances wrote mentioning the June 16th reading of Frankenstein. I’ve always wanted to read it and I think its the perfect time. As for Jane Eyre – we are of like mind once again. I’ve actually just written something about Charlotte Bronte that I plan on posting next week and it mentions Jane Eyre. I disliked the book so much when I first read it ages ago, but have been wanting to reread it and see if my feelings toward it have changed. Especially as I’m reading Jane Steele and want to read The Madwoman Upstairs. I would love to join you in rereading Jane Eyre – count me in!


  7. Happy New Year, M! (I sent an email your way at the end of December, did it get there?) Quite a lot of read-alongs this year! If you have time, maybe you can join me in my Romanian writers challenge 🙂


  8. Funny how I could see your comment in the mail, but not inhere. I am happy you want to join me, I have been more and more enthusiastic about Romanian writers, especially those in their 30s these past few months. Anyway, my favorite ones are Mircea Cartarescu and Dan Lungu, both in their 50th or so. The first one is absolutely amazing, a combination of Murakami’s imagination and the seriousness of a classic writer. I am really hoping he will be given the Nobel prize for literature in the next years. Dan Lungu is the kind of writer who surprised me with every book and made me laugh in tears with his original way or surprising the mundane. Let me know if you find them in translation and what books, maybe I can recommend one in particular. There is also Herta MUller, who won the Nobel, I have read two of her books but they are a bit too dark for my taste. However, maybe you can choose one of hers… You can actually read more than one 🙂


    1. I think what I did was reply to your comment on my phone rather than on my blog…that’s what happens when the kids are in computer lab, and I’m loosely watching them: I go rogue! I’m very happy for your Romanian author suggestions. I do have the Herta Muller novel, which for some reason I haven’t read yet. I think it’s because as you said it seems a bit dark. I looked on amazon for some books by Cartarescu and there are some, so I will definitely read something by him. I really appreciate you leaving me some suggestions, as I’m not at all familiar with Romanian writers. But, I’m looking forward to the introduction!

      As to your sweet email, I did get it, and I need to write you a response. I’m sorry it’s so late because I loved the photo of you and your friend, and I was so saddened by the loss of your kitty.


    1. Did you see me say that I thinkni’ll have to start over? It’s a shame, but I think I’ve forgotten too much to pick it up 3/4 of the way through. So glad to read this classic with you and Stefanie. Thanks for sticking with it…me.


    1. I have read them both before. Frankenstein is an interesting look at much more than a monster. It raises questions (for me) such as, “Does man have any right to mess with creation?” And, the poor monster is such a lost and hurting soul one feels quite sorry for him at the end. Maybe “soul” wasn’t the best word to use there.

      As for Jane Eyre, I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more about that book and coming up “look alikes” since 2016 marks Charlotte Bronte’s 200th birthday. But, once a classic, always a classic, and I doubt anything newly written with Jane’s character will have a similar impact.

      Finally, I’m super excited about the Banffy trilogy. It looks so wonderful!


  9. Would love to join the read-alongs for “Frankenstein” and “Jane Eyre”. This dovetails nicely with one of my 2016 reading goals to read more of the classics but first I am commited to getting through the 10 books remaining in my TBR queue at the close of 2015 (most of which are contemporary). I am tempted by the Proust but may need to be in the right frame of mind to revisit that one. Cheers.


    1. I long to read more classics in 2016 as well. Don’t blame you one bit for wanting to whittle down your pile of books waiting to be read, but perhaps you’ll find time for Jane in the interim. Thanks for commenting here, and being part of my reading life.


  10. I think you have it right! I too like to have minimal plans when it comes to reading but I like to have a few guidelines or ideas to follow. Your readalongs all sound good!


  11. Now that’s a pretty great selection. I’m obviously delighted to see They Were Counted on there, one of my all-time favorites. La Regenta is big, but I didn’t find it to be a beast: it gallops along. When I posted about it, a commenter said that her only regret about the novel was that it wasn’t longer. I’m up for a re-read. Heck, I was up for a re-read right after I finished it the first time.

    Frankenstein, on the other hand, is a monster (yuk yuk).


  12. It looks like you have good choices of current and classics for the new year of reading. I have mixture of fiction, current & classics and non-fiction.

    Happy reading.


  13. No plans this year for this gal, other than reading from my shelves. I have so many that I “just had to have,” that I truly want to read them this year. What have I been waiting for? I have some ARCs that are so old, the books have been out in paperback for years. Have a wonderful time with your choices. I love Jane Eyre and have read it a couple of times.


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