Winners of Like Family by Paolo Giordano


Viking has generously offered not one, but three copies for me to give away. After pulling names from those who have expressed an interest, we have:

Shoreacres from The Task at Hand

Diane from Bibliophile By The Sea

Tamara from Thyme for Tea

Congratulations to the three winners, and thanks to all who entered. Thanks also to Viking Books for their generosity. I will be contacting each of you for your mailing address. (And Lesley, I do believe the Birthday Fairy may be involved in a copy for you.)

5 thoughts on “Winners of Like Family by Paolo Giordano”

    1. Well, her tooth was hurting her so much last year she wasn’t such a good fairy…thank goodness for a new year, but best of all, for patient and kind friends like you!


  1. Oh wow first thing I’ve won in a while, but guess what? I just got a copy in the mail so could b=you please select an alternate? Thanks so much


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