Why I Do Not Like Your Red Cups, Starbucks


Dear Starbucks,

I love red. I wear red lipstick every day. I have driven a red Beetle for the past five years. My house is filled with accents of red, from my iPad mini’s cover to linen pillows and cashmere throws.

But, I do not love your red cups.

Particularly when their arrival is announced November 1. Are we supposed to go from Halloween’s Pumpkin Spice lattes to Christmas’ Peppermint Mochas with no nod whatsoever to Thanksgiving?

I feel pushed to move as quickly as possible from one holiday to the next, barely allowed to notice the one we should be currently enjoying. It is all I can do to preserve my peace, to observe Thanksgiving in my heart, by trying not to feel thrust headlong into an upcoming holiday while skipping this one.

My suggestion? In November, announce the presentation of brown cups. Let us enjoy the colors of Autumn, the crispness of fallen leaves, the riches presented to us before the arrival of Christmas.


Then I will celebrate good cheer. When it’s time.



34 thoughts on “Why I Do Not Like Your Red Cups, Starbucks”

  1. We’re still having late-summer weather here in Houston, which is making the sudden Christmas rush feel even more out of season. I get so Grinchy about the rush to Christmas.


    1. It’s the rush that’s so horrible. The rush and hurry and fuss so that each moment feels frantic, and one can never celebrate the moment one is currently in. Unless a conscious effort is made to push away the outside world.


    1. I haven’t been a Barnes and Noble in so long! I’m a little mad at my nook with glowlight that had the screen “break” such that patches of light now shine through the text. And, the people at our Barnes and Noble are just mean. Wish I could visit you in your store. I would go through all kinds of Christmas merchandise for that!

      And, Christmas music! I forgot!


      1. How old is your Nook Glowlight, Meredith? Is it still under warranty? It’s so frustrating when these “gadgets” don’t last as long as we’d like. My iPad developed a line down the side of the screen and while it didn’t really cause any problems, it was annoying. I’m sorry the employees at your B&N are mean. That’s completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, if the original warranty (or extended warranty) has expired, there’s not a lot they can do. But they should be nicer!

        Ah, the Christmas music. I love it, but don’t want to start listening until after Thanksgiving. I’m sure we’ll start playing it on the 27th. 🙂


    1. I think you may have missed the pumpkin spice lattes by now, and there is no such thing as an autumn cup outside of my imagination. But, you’re certainly in time for an egg nog latte in a red cup! 😉


      1. I think Starbucks UK has slightly different seasonal menu – we don’t have egg nog latte, and I saw people with Starbucks “autumn cup” for a couple of months. But the red cup is definitely here now, sigh.


  2. Love your letter to the Bucks. You are spot on! What is with the rush to Christmas? Why don’t they celebrate Thanksgiving and Fall with brown cups? They really should – you would think they would want to capitalize on another holiday. Well, I’m with you. I’d rather savor the holiday season in its entirety then be pushed onto Christmas already. Luckily, I’m in FL where the weather is still hot, so Christmas-y thoughts are far off into the distance for now. Hope you have a lovely day!


    1. I remember the year we celebrated Christmas in Naples, Florida. The coconuts were green and red, the lights were strung around dolphins, and the traditional Christmas dinner we ate at a restaurant (of turkey, etc) would not have been nearly as good as the seafood should I have been wise enough to order it. It’s weird for me to celebrate Christmas in a warm climate, but there was something magical about spending Christmas Day on the beach!


    1. I think we have you beat with Halloween night, October 31, being the “end” of fall as far as the stores are concerned. You can’t even get a pumpkin scone at Starbucks from November 1 on!


    1. I think the word “consumer” hits on my whole point: I don’t want to turn what is holy, or at the very least special, into something to buy! The push into consumerism is what irks me the most. And now that I’ve posted my frustration with Starbucks, it applies to Walgreens and a thousand other stores which are already displaying Christmas wares.


    1. Ah, that’s almost a post for itself. I have such a passion for red lipstick, from pink-reds, to orange-reds, to true-reds, that my collection is almost embarrassing. My top favorite would be these: Guerlain’s Gala, Chanel’s Passion, Revlon’s Certainly Red and Fire and Ice, NARS Jungle Red, MAC’s Ruby Woo, and Clinique’s Red Red Red. I could recommend a shade for you, if you like; I know them all! 😉


  3. Oh thank you for your reply. I’m a little too pale to wear red but I’ve had Clinique lipsticks for years. They’ve just discontinued my colour Sweet Honey, but I’m sure I will find another one!


    1. It’s such a disappointment when a color is discontinued! I’ve worn Sweet Honey before. You might like Tenderheart as a replacement, although it is a teeny bit “browner”. Also, Revlon’s Pink Velvet is a lovely, soft shade. So is Blushing Nude, which I think might be best of all as a replacement. Really, I should write a lipstick blog instead of a book blog. 😉


  4. I love the plain red cups – no snowflakes for me please and, to be honest with you, I think the new plain cup is so pretty I wish they used it year round LOL


  5. Since I bring my own mug, the color of the cup is irrelevant to me. The most important part is that they FINALLY brought back the skinny peppermint syrup and the awesome dark chocolate curls. I drink the peppermint mochas once per week all year ’round, but I prefer the skinny versions.

    Respecting seasons and holidays is a whole different topic! I don’t even look at Christmas anything until December 1st. Then I break out the ugly sweater, the 4 giant plastic tubs of over-the-top stuff including flashing Christmas wreath earrings and more lights than I could ever use. But that’s only after December 1st.



  6. Red is a nice colour for a cup to be. Also for cars, lipstick, candy and many other things. Brown is in many cases a damp, ugly colour, (unless it’s chocolate). As long as the cup doesn’t have “Merry Christmas”, or worse, “Happy Holidays” on it, you don’t have to see it as a Christmas cup. Just a cheery red cup that looks nice on a dreary morning and year round. Think of it this way, and you’ll get through the holiday season much easier. It works for me.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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