An October Day in Geneva, Illinois


You can hardly imagine the spun sugar creations from Alain Roby at All Chocolate Kitchen. There are pumpkins,


and caramel apples,


and bakery treats too delicious to chose. (My friend and I usually opt for gelato; the one I had today was a most luxurious combination of chocolate and cognac. Alas, I neglected to take a photo…)


There is a chocolate tree, where surely fairies must dwell,


and a truffle too rich and enormous for even this sweet-toothed girl.


Light from salt pillars and candles create a moonlit glow to come,


which cannot outshine the artistic touch of my friend’s fingers,


nor the brilliant Sugar Maple trees across the street.

I hope your weekend is sweet, too!

12 thoughts on “An October Day in Geneva, Illinois”

    1. Tempting as it may be to some to eat, the sugar pumpkins are purely decoration. Chef Roby’s shop is filled with structures made of sugar, but only the ones in the case are to be eaten. 🙂

      I’m sorry about the drought your state has suffered. My husband and I were concerned about California all summer, and shaking our heads at the irony that Illinois was nearly flooded.


  1. Wow! I love the photos! Everything looks scrumptious and absolutely perfect for putting someone in the mood for Fall. I love when you share like this – thanks 🙂


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